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  1. Agreed. I think we can also point to other coaches who have excelled when taking over a team, and then fast forward a few years later and they are fired. I think its safe to say that a coaches message gets lost and new blood is needed to keep things going. Very very few coaches in the NHL stay at the same place for a long time. Heck the longest tenured head coach in the NHL is Quenneville and he has been on the job 9 years. After that you have Tippett with the Coyotes since 2009, and then in 3rd place is Cooper who has only been on the job since 2013. Sullivan needs a larger sample size, but longevity in the NHL coaching realm revolves around getting the most out of your players. So far, Sullivan has achieved that.
  2. Remember when Bylsma did the same thing with the Pens and now is out of a job? Your final question is correct. Could Sullivan get more out of Washington? Don't know. What I do know is that great players make a great coach. Did the Pens talent make Bylsma a great coach back then? Probably. What about Sullivan and now? Probably.
  3. People said the same thing about Bylsma when he took over and led the Pens to the cup. Sullivan will probably be thrown to the wolves in about 5 years.
  4. I really don't understand the love for making Steve Yzerman the GM. I have always subscribed to the thought that if we are going to replace Ken Holland, we better do it with someone who is a clear upgrade. Is Yzerman a clear upgrade? Is Jim Nill a clear upgrade? I don't believe so. They have taken their teams, with younger talent and better draft picks than the Wings and had varying levels of success. They have both made good and bad decisions, just like Holland has. IMHO, its not like Yzerman and Nill are making all the right moves for their respective teams. Neither of those teams are in the playoffs right now, and the Stars were tops in their division last year. I have no issues replacing Holland, but replace him with someone who is better.
  5. Yup, two more that were drafted by the Hawks, although they weren't top 10 draft picks.
  6. It isn't insulting to say this either. Hank is past his prime, and most clubs surround their vets with great young talent. The problem is that the Wings don't have great young talent. Teams that have been drafting in the top 10 have got some good young talent. Look at the top tier teams in the league today. Pittsburgh was a down and out team for years, and then they draft Crosby and Malkin. Chicago gets Kane and Towes. These elite stars help carry the team. The Wings don't have anyone like this.
  7. Its hard to tell what Holland will do. We have never been 10+ points out at the deadline before so we really can't say if he would sell or not. As for what I think, I say we trade him at the deadline. Its safe to say that we are not a cup contending team. If our goal is to just make the playoffs, then keep him. If our goal is to win another cup, then that will take an overhaul.
  8. I could go through the previous thread about Frk being waived and picked up by Carolina and grab at least 20 comments from people who said that Holland should be fired for wasting our talent or not trading him before waiving him. I don't think he is trash, but he is not NHL material. That doesn't change the fact that people many people here thought that Pulk and Frk were bonafide NHL talent and had an inflated value put on them. Now, I would hope that many of them have seen the truth.
  9. This right here. Pulk and Frk are low tier prospects at this point. They may hit the NHL, but they won't ever be talent that will be above the 4th line unless they "get it" late in their careers which is unlikely. Now I will agree that maybe we look at Ott and Miller and instead of giving them minutes, we give one of our own homegrown talent the minutes instead. Just keep in mind that even if we didn't resign Miller and Ott and we used Pulk and Frk that we wouldn't see a huge difference in performance. It may be a minor one, but it wouldn't be noticeable.
  10. I think the thing I find comical are all the fans who were claiming that we gave away the talent in Frk and Pulkkinen for nothing. Yet, each of these players played a game or two for their new clubs and then were waived. If Holland is the worst GM for waiving these players and getting nothing in return, then I wonder how fans of the Wild and Carolina feel. You see, the waiver wire is littered with a bulk of 4th line players. Everyone knows this. So when a player like Pulkkinen and Frk hit the wire, other teams aren't finding gold when they pick them up. They are doing it for short term evaluation. Anyway, the point is that the Wings aren't shedding top tier talent to waivers. They are dropping 4th line pieces that anyone can get off the waiver wire. The Wings could go hunting like this as well, but every team has 4th line plugs waiting to get into the lineup.
  11. This is definitely great news to see Howard do well in the games he has played. Nothing really changes at this point though. Howard and Mrazek may start to alternate starts if Howard keeps up his great play, but that's about it. Now, what could happen is other teams who need goaltending help may reach out to Holland and ask for Howard or Mrazek if they are both playing well. I guess we will see if that happens though.
  12. I guess I am disappointed that no one here has done any homework when it comes to Cleary and the Griffins. Back in June, Cleary said that he wanted to come back and play for the Griffins this season. The Griffins opted not to resign Hoggan who was the captain of the Griffins for the last 3 years. This made room for Cleary to come back and lead the Griffins this upcoming season. Cleary gets signed to a PTO, but everyone knows he is going to be going down to the AHL to provide leadership for the kids.
  13. I would agree mainly because he hasn't even entered his prime yet. His production could go up in the next couple years and be underpaid. Right now, he is paid right about where he should be for a 3rd line player who gets about 13 minutes of ice time per game.
  14. In order to trade someone, they have to have value. Sharp has value. Hossa and Bickel do not. Franzen also has no trade value the way he has been dealing with concussions. Before the concussions, he was our leading goal scorer on the team. Should he have been traded then? Don't know. If you have someone who is making $3.9 million a season and is your leading goal scorer, thats a heck of a cap hit for a leading scorer on your team. Holland would probably resign Dats to a $4-$5 million dollar deal, but not $6.5 considering his dropping production. Must be nice to be able to tell the future. Can you tell me what the lotto numbers will be?