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SCF: Boston Bruins vs. Vancouver Canucks

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Hey, look at that...Chara and Thomas in the handshake line! Shouldn't they have been doing interviews first in all their excitement? :P

Good grief, edi, let it go! :P

Timmah with the Conn Smyth - what a shocker!

Two gillyfo's for the Vancouver crowd sticking it out. And it's always nice to hear Buttman booed. Me likey. :)

*edit* Another two huge gillyfo's to Nuck fans for the cheering when the Cup was presented. Very cool.

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It's great what Canuck fans are doing, sticking around, cheering their team, cheering Thomas, chanting: "Go Nuck Go" and "Stanley Cup, Stanley Cup". I remember in 2009 when Joe Louis was mostly empty while Pens celebrated.


That means we have higher expectations than these losers.

Besides, they've never seen the Cup before in their building.

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LOLongo let up on that one waiting for a penalty call and boom, in the net.

All 3 goals scored with the Sedin twins on the ice.

This is nuts. Just when their team needed them the most (with injuries and suspensions), they fell apart. Love it. :cheesy:

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