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12/30 GDT : Red Wings 2 at Blackhawks 3

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his problem is just that he's so invisible when he isn't scoring on a wrist shot from 60 feet out. I wish he would crash the net with speed the way he did when the Wings were trying to come back last week against the Flames

He did crash the net there. Unfortunately he got a penalty.

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Guest stinky fish taco

If we win tonight and Tom. We are first in the division I guess the foreseeable future could only be two days??

well there goes that.

nice try, though.

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Record is now 1-4 against the elite of the West and that just plain sucks as it's not good enough!

Do you watch the games, or just look at the box-score? As I asked before, what evidence from this game is there that the Wings don't have a chance in the playoffs against the Hawks?

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this team needs more offense.

But why is offense only an issue on the road?

What they need is to figure out why they're doing so much worse on the road.

Are the seats on their flight not comfy enough? Are they jetlagged? Do they forget important items and gear back in Detroit?

Hawks were the better team tonight. It kinda sucks though that some awfully weak calls had to go and influence the game so much, especially the penalty shot, but still, if one team deserved to win tonight it was Chicago. You can ask why did they get 5 PPs and we only got 1. And while I think we got some bad penalty calls against us while they missed some on them, the main reason is they outworked us.

Every loss means people will start saying we need to trade this guy or acquire that. But when a team only has issues on the road something is up that isn't necessarily concerning the squad.

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