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1/27 Red Wings 1 @ Chicago Blackhawks 2 (OT)

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something needs to change frazen is just not into this anymore i think he needs to be put on the winged wheel and wheeled out of town because his not working out anymore

The puck was sitting in front of the net on a rebound, his first instinct is to try and kick it. What a joke

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Looking at the positives from this period:

The Hawks didn't score.


The Hawks didn't score.


Jimmy didn't let in any goals.

oh, this is hard...

Did I mention that the Hawks didn't score?

Bert's beard looked good.

That's all I got.

Oh, and the Hawks didn't score.

the way its going it will happen in the 3rd whenever we are down 1-0 it works out for the other team to get more

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