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Things that are better than the Wings special teams.

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A few:

Verizon customer support

WalMart at Christmas time

Gas station air hand dryers

I-75 South summer traffic coming home from Up North

Flint Crime Stoppers success rate

"I-75 Traffic at 8am/5pm"

Just to improve upon your answer.

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Things that are better than the Wings Special Teams:

"We kicked the tires and decided that the right deal wasn't out there."

"We need to get bigger and tougher and gritty"

"<insert name> is our deadline acquistion"


The 40 year old Belle Tire girl that used to be hot when she was the 20 year old Belle Tire Girl...

Closing the bar and looking at the only girl left, ordering one more shot and saying "f*** it!"

Ringing up $400 in gorceries only to have your debit card declined....with 6 other people looking at you....

Traveling to Thailand and meeting a nice girl, taking her back to your hotel, getting hot with her, receiving a great mouth hug, removing her clothes and....WTF!?!?! OMG!!!! Then you hear the song in your head "I know all there is to know about the crying game...."

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Having Gary Bettman over to your house for dinner so he can explain to you why it's a good idea that you help pay for an addition on your neighbor's house and contribute money to their new car payment and their cable/internet/phone bill.

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