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11/4 GDT: Red Wings 2 @ Jets 4

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Unofficial GDT









Mrazek in net

Howard is starting in goal.

OH, and thank God Cleary is still on the 2nd line... :nono:

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That's what happens when you're the coach and GM's boy.

I hope Cleary gets rewarded with a 3 year 12 million dollar deal...

Love the gif btw lol

Build off these last few games, play hard tonight, then head back to the Joe with a lot of momentum.

It will be a lot of fun seeing Tootoo on a line with Helm. I hope the recent trend of actually scoring goals continues.

Ya, that's a line worth calling a legit fourth line, very dangerous for the jets

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Totally agree about that 4th line.

Tootoo is a definite speed/energy gain over sammy. That miller helm toots forecheck will be downright rude against the jets 4th line.

Plus with our 3rd line really gaining chemistry and putting up points fast im expecting more from our bottom 6 tonight than any game of the season. Certainly the most complete its been.

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I'm hoping the 4th line tears it up tonight and gets the most out of their minutes, I think they can really be deadly. I've got high hopes for this evening ladies and gents. The Helm and Toots show is set to begin shortly. I'd love to see Andy, Tatar, or Almqvist pot one as well.

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