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Ericsson out 3-5 weeks with Fractured Ribs

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At this rate well never have to worry about a cap or roster crunch, crisis averted Holland, maybe he is a genius

...no, the wrong guys are getting hurt...if he were an actual genius, Cleary, Bertuzzi, Samuelsson, Quincey & Kindl would be the LTIR cap relief and we'd have a great team then to go along with the cap relief...

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It sucks that Sochi is this year. The timing is just awful. Just as players are retuning from injuries they will be leaving for Russia. And the cold, the travel, and half Sweden being Red Wings is a horrible combo.

There might be something to these injuries each year. Yes, guys get hurt, and yes some of our guys are older, but these injuries seem almost commonplace for the Wings the past few years. Frustrating as hell.

This means 5 weeks of more Kindl damn! I was getting used to him off the team with the last two games.

Kindl is far from our worse d-man. These remarks are silly (and YES we know about his +/- numbers). Smith is a decent puck mover with a bit of offensive flash, but the mistakes made in our own end are similar to a first year rookie - who is just learning the NHL game. Quincey ... ughhh ... just because he knew the system as a former Wing we brought him back. His payback to the organization is nowhere near good enough for all they have given him.

Defense depleted by injury? That's Brett Lebda music!

Anyone remember the Lilja / Lebda first line defence pairing a few playoffs back? SMH

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