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3/7 GDT: Devils 4 at Red Wings 7

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Who wants to check the front page of this GDT and see my post that says "Legwand with a big 3 point night"?

I love it, welcome to Detroit Legwand.

It says edited under it.

Nice try.

Hahah better watch what I say about the "leg" "wand" from now on with my posts.

Especially since Lilja isn't even on this team anymore.

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We could roll four lines evenly if we wanted to.

Which would serve us well if we make the playoffs and make a deep run.

Good lord that's what I said when we got him!!!! Can you imagine someone else's 3rd line trying to keep up with the kids. Not to mention another 3 with really good centers. We are deep as hell if those two Euro twins can get back.

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