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Around The League - Eastern Conference Playoff Race

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Bruins score 2 quick ones, up 4-2 with 4 minutes to go and on the PP.

Looks like the Flyers are about to get involved in the wildcard battle.

Yes,all Bruins in the 3rd and Loui Eriksson with the 4 assists game. :clap:

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So the Max leafs can get is 92 right? It's only Washington won tonight so nothing really happened but they need to find some extra gear for the last games. You can't expect Nyquist to play like Stamkos forever.

No they can only max out at 90 now, as they've got 3 games left and that's it. It's between the Devils and Capitals, as the Leafs are done IMO.

Here's the remaining schedules:


Mon vs Calgary

Thursday @ Ottawa

Friday vs NYI

Saturday vs Boston

Only good thing I see here is they've got the Bruins last which is a tough game. It's a longshot but the flames have been playing well of late. 1 loss in regulation from these 4 and the Devils can only max out at 90


Tuesday @ St Louis

Thursday @ Carolina

Friday vs Chicago

Sunday vs Tampa

Washington have got the toughest schedule here, and I think it's going to be hard for them to beat the Blues, let alone the Hawks. We'll see though. Right now they can max out at 91, and obviously with any loss they can only get 89.

Lets take care of our business still and we'll be fine.

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i think we'll be ready tues in Buffalo get the win and take a point off a resting Pens team on Weds.

making fridays Canes game a party atmosphere type game which the Wings will win out on.

My worst fears would be going to St Louis needing a win to get in.

Im confident the boys will have it wrapped up before then.

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Beat Buffalo in regulation and collect two points across our last three and we should be ok. I think?

Easier said than done. We barely beat them in our own building, now we'll be in theirs.

Granted, their crowd probably doesn't care all that much at this point.

They just want this season put out of its misery.

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Efforts like 1st period against Buffalo and 3rd against Habs for SIXTY minutes we are in.

The efforts of the other 4 and I am worried sick...

So if we get a good period then it's all adding up to a 60 minute effort over 3 games. Solid :)

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