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11/25 GDT : Red Wings @ Devils : 7:30 PM ET

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Let's Go WIngs! 

Let's hope Quincey will score another sweet own goal tonight.

With who's healthy, I think I like the forward lines except Abby-Neilson-Glen. Seems like one of those wingers should be switched with Tatar to even out the skill+piano puller balance. I know people cringe that Glen's that high in the lineup, but I'd rather have him up there ahead of Sheahan and Ott based on recent play. Bertuzzi's been a little hit and miss in the games he's been in, so I sort of understand the placement of him as well. 

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I would have put the third line as second, but what do I know... and I am glad to see Jimmy in nets again.  I do love a Czech goalie, but Petr needs to get his head on straight and earn the spot in due time.  Jimmy has been great for us... now SCORE MORE THAN ONE GOAL, WINGS!!!  For heaven's sake.... Oy.


I want to see Nielsen step up the way Vanek has for us.  It was a pleasure watching Vanek skunk his old team.  We need  Q to score us a goal tonight, too.  :bye:





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