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10/15 Go West for the Wicked GDT - Red Wings @ Canucks - 10:00 PM EST

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2 hours ago, MabusIncarnate said:

Dang Osgood let in 4 on 12 shots during his debut? That's rough.

Hahaha Well, Osgood was definitely a work in progress for awhile to say the least, and he was still forced to take the starting job from Bob Essensa. Cheveldae/Essensa trade was the most pointless goalie move during The Streak, what a f***in sieve that guy was.  

Didn't see the game tonight. Sounds like we sucked. Way to burn off a 3-1 start there boys, in spectacular fashion as well, with 10 GA and 3 GF in two games. 


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