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Lucic Spearing DeKeyser

Yesterday, 11:08 AM

I know it was briefly discussed in the GDT, but this should be a topic of concern for Red Wings fans over the next few days.  There is an ENORMOUS difference between playing hard and playing dirty. The jewels are sacred in all sports- boxing, UFC, football, etc.  If the NHL doesn't lay a HEAVY suspension on Lucic (3-4 games) for his actions, I will be extremely disappointed.  It is his SECOND time THIS SEASON doing something like this, although the first one was "light" and "an accident".


Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  He got damn near his entire stick between DeKeyser's legs!  That is not a hockey play at all and he should be sitting for quite some time.  Heck, trying to lay a huge hit and have your skates come off the ice will cause you to sit for at least a week, even if it occurs during a hockey move, but hitting someone between the legs with your stick is brushed off?




That's two shots in less than FOUR weeks, it was caught and replayed on NATIONAL TELEVISION in TWO of the largest NHL markets, and during PLAYOFF HOCKEY.  



There BETTER be a suspension!  Otherwise, the NHL is setting a tone for the rest of the series that the Red Wings might not be able to keep up with.