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In Topic: Fixing this mess....

21 April 2016 - 04:14 PM

Wrong. Holland has proven he will not get rid of anyone that he likes no matter how old, unproductive, injured, or expensive they are. Holland got lucky that Franzen finally got hurt to the point that he can LTIR him and not have his cap hit. I have zero doubt that is Datsyuk changes his mind and stays and then wants to extend at 6.5+ million next summer Holland will do it. That is not doing what is best for the team in the short or long term. Come May 1 2017 anyone want to bet on Kornwall, Ericsson, Z, Green all still being here? I put the odds at 99% that they all are still RW's come next summer.


In order to trade someone, they have to have value.  Sharp has value.  Hossa and Bickel do not.  Franzen also has no trade value the way he has been dealing with concussions.  Before the concussions, he was our leading goal scorer on the team.  Should he have been traded then?  Don't know.  If you have someone who is making $3.9 million a season and is your leading goal scorer, thats a heck of a cap hit for a leading scorer on your team. 

Holland would probably resign Dats to a $4-$5 million dollar deal, but not $6.5 considering his dropping production. 


Must be nice to be able to tell the future.  Can you tell me what the lotto numbers will be?

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

20 April 2016 - 11:08 PM

Yes it was. Bowman moved Sharp to free up cap to keep his core intact. he was being aggressive and forward thinking. Not sitting on his rump out of loyalty and hoping for better results. Cap dumps are often very strategic acts to maintain what a team has or improve a team.


In this case, he didn't improve his team.  Both pieces were shipped out of Chicago.



In Topic: Fixing this mess....

20 April 2016 - 09:41 AM


Those 1st round draft picks help, but the Hawks didn't win because of Toews, Keith and Kane alone.  Every year people say their team will collapse due to cap pressure, yet every year (almost) they make a plethora of depth moves (plus the Hossa signing) that make them competitive year in, year out. 


So yes, draft picks help but if your strategy to build a winning team is simply to suck for years I'd like to point you to Toronto, Edmonton, Phoenix, Buffalo, etc.  It doesn't work more often than it works.  The key is developing players, not where they are drafted.  The Wings have botched their player development the last eight years or so because of the chaos that massive injuries have caused as well as an over-reliance on veterans and this year a system that doesn't utilize any players' strength.


For all we know Tatar and Nyquist just had terrible years because of the system, because everyone else sucked this year, too.  Maybe with a new coach, or new assistant coaches, or another year of familiarizing themselves with it, they will bounce back.  A team with an effective Tatar, Nyquist, Mrazek and Larkin can be a good core to build around.  Get Stamkos at virtually any cost and sign a defenseman.  We won't be a Cup contender next year even with those moves, but that's a "rebuild" that promises to be more effective.  Make additional changes the following season.


I've never been a fan of sucking for early draft picks.  It is entirely possible to stay competitive and build Cup caliber teams through a combination of drafting, development, free agency, trades and undrafted signings.  We could get more effective role players for some of the pieces we have and that's another step that can strengthen the team long term.


This is the first year that the Hawks has had to deal with cap pressure.  They dealt with it by not resigning Patrick Sharp, who was a key component in their cup victories.  Bickell was a horrible signing but he was lightning in a bottle for them in their cup run as well.  Its going to get harder and harder for them from this point forward with Hossa being signed until he is 42, and then Kane and Towes making a ton of cash.  They will be in the same position the Wings are in today.


I do agree that draft picks don't always work out.  Development is key, and I will say that when the Griffins were run into the ground by crappy coaches like Frasier, their development took a dive.  It wasn't until we hired Blashill when we saw what real development could be.  He took a team that wasn't really developed and made them a Cup winner.  IMHO, Blashill is a great coach for the younger kids in the AHL as he is a developmental coach.  I would have signed him to a 5 million a year contract and asked him to stay in the AHL to be that valuable developmental coach that we needed.  Who knows if he would have taken that or not.  So I wouldn't say the Wings have botched development the last 8 years, but they did before Blashill took over in the 2012-2013 season.  So much talent went through the Griffins and it was squandered.


I really don't know if Tatar, Nyquist, or even Larkin are perennial NHL talents or not.  They have all had one good season, and then just kinda fell off the map.  Part of being a good NHL talent is being able to do it again and improve on your stats.  So far, we haven't seen that from any of these players.  Larkin could explode next season, or become like Tatar and Nyquist.  Getting Stamkos and a #1 defenseman would be a good move for us for sure.


I am also not a fan of sucking or tanking for draft picks.  If you are a glass half full guy, like I am, you will look at that young core and feel that there is hope for the future.  If you are a glass half empty, you could look at Tatar, Nyquist, and Larkin and say they are all one year wonders and they will all regress next season.  In which case, that strong young core is garbage and we really are going to be missing the playoffs next season.


Either way, we are all Wings fans here.  I am hoping for the glass half full scenario.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

20 April 2016 - 08:21 AM

So now the league is the problem? The Blackhawks and Kings don't seem to have that issue, so why should we?


The Hawks also got a great number of #1 picks after tanking for a great number of years.  Seems that is the winning formula right there.  Chicago has two guys that are making 11 million a season each and they are down 3-1 against the Blues.  I think their goose is cooked.  Looks like we will have a new cup winner this year.


We are already seeing a changing of the guard.  Teams like Florida run by great GMs like Dale Talon have got high draft picks after being in the dumps for years and are now making great teams that are going to have more playoff success than those who haven't missed the playoffs in 25 years.

In Topic: Fixing this mess....

18 April 2016 - 07:55 PM

Being in the top 53% isn't good enough. I don't expect to win a cup every year. But we should be in the position to win. We are not.


We took the cup finalists last year to 7 games.  Kinda hard to make that argument that we are not in a position to win when we are.  I will say we are not the favorites, and that is what rubs some Wings fans the wrong way.  We aren't going to be the favorites unless the league changes.