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#2207391 Will Ericsson Earn His Raise?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 13 September 2011 - 02:00 PM

Ericsson has played 4 years in North America. Year 5 hasn't started yet. In that span he played 2 more or less full seasons in the NHL. He was drafted 291st (LAST overall) and he was a forward then. His last season stats: 74GP 3G 12A 15Pts 8+/- 87PIM 89SOG Not bad for a 3rd pair D.
Do you know what Pronger's (2nd overall pick) 3rd NHL season stats were? 78GP 7G 18A 25Pts -18+/- 110PIM 138SOG
So it took Pronger - a surefire top pick - more than 3 years to learn to be an NHL defenseman. (And that would have been his 7th year playing pro or quasipro hockey in North America, counting juniors.)
So cut Ericsson some slack. You can't teach size, but it appears that Detroit's management believe they can teach Ericsson everything else he needs to know, and fairly quickly.

On the numbers......
He's played in North America for 5 years. First season was with GR in 2006-2007. They've been exclusively "teaching" him either in GR or up with the Wings for 5 years. Fairly quickly??
Pronger was also 20 years old in his third season....not 27! His third year in the NHL was 1995-1996.
At 27 he statistically should be in his prime. If what we've seen so far is any indication of his prime, then he is way over-paid! Flat out.

#2203407 This writer has no clue

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 12 August 2011 - 08:28 AM

No clue. This writer needs a hobby in the summertime. Are things that "slow" for him now that he turned to being ridiculous. Maybe he should join a Dungeon's and Dragon's summer league. Seems like a good fit as he's appears to be pretty good at the fantasy thing.

Kronner + pick/prospect for Hemsky? Roll again.

#2200361 Draper or Hudler?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 22 July 2011 - 12:13 PM

Hudler. No question.

#2196504 Wiz is a dick.

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 05 July 2011 - 01:44 PM

Lets see how Wiz feels after being with the Blue Jackets for the next six years...see if he still feels the same way about being a "good fit" for one of the most storied hockey franchises in history. See how life in a college football insane (only) town goes when no one in town could pick him out of a line-up. See how he feels when he tells locals that he plays for the Blue Jackets and they immediately ask "what is hockey??", tune out, and walk away mumbling something about the Buckeye's. See how he feels when he's consistently at his summer home in early April. Like it's been stated before, "nothing says hockey like the middle of Ohio" (not Ohio bashing, used to live there for many, many years...but it's the absolute truth about Columbus). Hope that few extra Mill on the contract goes a long way because he may just slowly slip away into non-existence from here on out. Maybe a change in perspective for him. Ask Mike Commodore (regarding statements he made about Bab's), things change real quck and burning the bridge of not just a coach, but an entire organziation...on top of that...his hometown team...THE Detroit Red Wings.... = not so smart.
Thanks for the compliment Wiz and I hear soy sauce makes Crow taste a little better. May want to start acquiring that taste now.

#2176886 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 08:15 PM

I like to eliminate factors that don't support my arguments too.

Oh, so are your talking about the Sidney Crosby hockey team? To be honest, I've never heard of that team. I thought we were talking about individual players and their individual performance and place in the history books. Well in that case, we should talk about the Joe Sakic hockey team, or the Chris Pronger hockey team, or the Martin St. Louis hockey team. They have as much Team hardware as Sid does and in in some cases more...(Pssst...they also have a Hart trophy too) ?..... Are these players "The Best" of any era in your book then?? jeez you just made my point for me. Too easy.

#2176875 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 07:26 PM

No, no they don't. Crosby is the best player in this era by a wide margin.

Wide margin? ?? Who had more points this season? AO won the Hart twice...Sid once. Wide margin? Look at how many times Wayne, Gordie, and Mario won the Hart...a ton of times each. AO has Sid beat on this. I take Cups, Olympic medals, WJ's, etc. out of my consideration on this because those are team accomplishments. I don't know who I think is better of the two (I think I'd actually take Dats over them both...that's just me though) but there are a lot of folks who think AO is a better player. Yes, yes they do.

#2176830 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 03:02 PM

Believe what you want but I'm not a Crosby fan. How am I defending him blindly? Look at his list of achievements. Before his injury he was destroying this league. He was absolutely the best player.

As for All Time Greats and what qualifies as "all time", it gets into semantics. No way do I include Crosby with Howe, Mario and Gretzky (and Orr) yet. But when you look at his achievements by the age of 24, he has a place pretty high up in hockey history already, and if he stays healthy it will probably get much higher.

And I'm not sure what your point was about AO and the gap widening affecting him being an all time great.

Point is, if there is a debate about two seperate players that have played roughly in the same time period, roughly same amount of seasons, and there is an debate whether who is or has been better....then it's hard to transition that same player (Sid in your case) to on any All Time list... Did anyone question year after year if there was a better player than Gretzky-no. Mario-no. Howe-no. Sid-yes. To be an All Time great there should be no debate that he is or was at least the best player in the league for the majority of his career. Right now, a lot of folks believe AO has been better for the past 3 seasons.
Secondly-How did his complete body of work look at the end of this season? Oh he was hurt. Yeah, a lot of players get hurt, careers end, never the same after an injury, yada yada...this all adds to the lore and realization of accomplishment and what the actual true greats went through to be in this very small group of players. Staying healthy is a part of hockey...not an excuse. Yes, if he stays healthy and does stays on pace for another 5-10 years....then you've got substance to having him on any All Time short list.

#2176826 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 02:30 PM

Rocket Richard trophy
Stanley Cup (and another Finals appearance)
Art Ross
Olympic Gold Medal
World Junior Gold medal

has 82 points in 62 career playoff games and had 66 points in 41 games this season before his injury.

All before he's what, 24 years old? If a Red Wings player had done all that you wouldn't call them one of the most talented players of all time?

I think he's a snotty little ****** much of the time, but Crosby is already one of the all time greats, and it's bad for the NHL if he's not playing. Wouldn't it be bad for the NHL if Datsyuk wasn't playing?

It's still a canadian game and Sid is a Canadian superstar. Or course they're going to talk more about him. Yes, it'd be great if they focused more on some of the other great players in this league, but that's not his fault. And honestly, I've been an Ovechkin fan but Crosby is clearly the better of the two, and the gap was widening before his injury.

If your ALL TIME GREAT'S list is made up of 10+ players...than yes you may have an arguement. But I believe when most talk about "All Time" anything, most have a very short list (standard list...not in this order: Gretzky, Howe, Mario.....Done!) If you want to run this list into the 15+ or 20+ greatest of All Time players...you may have an arguement. But today he's not in the top 5 of All Time. Probably not even close. But ask yourself this....if you have to go 6+, 10+, 20+ deep into your "All Time" list ....are they really the best/most talented of ALL TIME??? No, not really. Really a great players, yes...is it fun to rank the really great players, yes...All Time- no.
You say you think he's a ******, but in all honesty in think your a fan of his or else I'm mistaken and your defending him blindly and not realizing that a lot of people don't even think he's the best player in the league right now, or even the past few years (ever since AO has turned it on). If you have to argue the notion that you believe he is the better player than AO, and the "gap has been widing before his injury", then he's clearly not "ONE OF THE ALL TIME GREATS". You might want to look at the great history of this game and some of the truely "all time greats" players. Even Don Cherry who is a Sid slappy has been quoted as saying "he's not there yet, but by God when I retire he just might be". Further debating that he's better than AO blows up your point.

#2176788 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 12:15 PM

No one is putting an All-time label on him now, but he's one of the few players in this generation that have the ability to do so. He's on the pace to be one.

The NHL will suffer so very much if Crosby does not recover 100%. Crosby will be the reason the NHL will be successful league or fall back into the shadows

Actually they are. Did you thread this entire thread? See quote from CupforWings below:

<<Crosby is more then just another talented player... The guy is a beast, is 23 years old, and was on pace for 120 or more points. I hate Crosby as much as the next guy, but he is one of the most talented players of all time. Hopefully he is able to recover and keep putting up monster points like he was this year.>>

Actually I think the success of the NHL relies on the fans putting up money to support the league by going to games, buying merchandise, and watching games on TV. Sid is only one player who can only effect these factors in a limited way. I completely disagree that the future of the NHL lies in the hands of Sidney Crosby. Example: this years first round playoff's have brought record nielsen "shares"/tv auidence in many, many markets. Sid's wasn't even in the playoff's this year. Compltely disagree. Is it better with him, of course. Will it fail or "fall back into the shadows" without him, no. If I'm a Tampa Bay fan am I NOT going to support my team and go to games, buy jersey's, follow them on TV because Sid is not playing for the Pens? Ridiculous.

#2176749 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 10:09 AM

Crosby is more then just another talented player... The guy is a beast, is 23 years old, and was on pace for 120 or more points. I hate Crosby as much as the next guy, but he is one of the most talented players of all time. Hopefully he is able to recover and keep putting up monster points like he was this year.

IMO...talented and really good players do it for 5+ years. I think consistency and longevity are the trademarks of truely great players. Furthermore, to be considered the most "talented player of all time", I believe your looking at guys that did "it" for 10+, 15+ seasons. I used to hear the same chatter about players being the "most talented", or could be "greatest of all time" and ultimately end up not even being close. LaFontaine, Lindros, Pavel Bure, D. Hatcher (touted as the best complete package looking size and skill for a D man of All Time...granted that was ESPN and it was pre-CBA), Forsberg, Yashin, Bertuzzi (back in the days with Vanc...used to be touted all the time that he may be the best Power Forward of all time), ....you get the point. None of these players would get on anyone's radar for making anyones "All Time" SHORT list (at least if your sane). Unless you consistently perform year-in year-out, and do this for 10, 15+ seasons....I don't think you'll ever be considered as the best, greatest, most talented, of all time. Let's see where Sid is in 5 seasons....then the conversation may be relevant.

edit: spelling

#2170819 Wow... Ryan Clowe will not play in Game 6

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 10 May 2011 - 01:08 PM

As far as Clowe's injury goes, I'd guess it's probably something like a separated shoulder. You don't get a concussion from a big hit, you get it from hitting your head, which it doesn't look like he did. The guy plays a physical game.

Incorrect. Concussions are caused by the brain shifting and as a result bruising of the brain. Sudden unnatural head stops/jars/shocks (due to hits to the body, car accidents, etc...) where the body's natural mechanism to adjust and counteract the main vertebrae/spine/neck are causes of concussions as well. In fact, earlier medicine (pre 1990's) used to term a lot of these such injuries as "whip lash". The medical community focused on treating the neck area of these "whip lash" cases due to the simptoms being severe headaches stemming from the lower/back lobe of the brain. Medicine has developed since that many these injuries were in fact concussions and treating the neck area was of little or no benefit (except if you wanted to wear the neck brace into a court room to win judgement in your favor). Furthermore, I have a relative who suffered a minor concussion from running into the boards (outdoor boards that had no glass and you could actually bend yourself over the top of the boards) at full speed while playing roller hockey. His head wasn't touched (one fractured knee cap and broken wrist), but the speed and jar of his body coming to such an abrupt halt due to his lower body impacting the boards at high velocity was the cause.

#2139435 Babcock Underperforming?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 31 March 2011 - 11:19 AM

I think Babs is just as much to blame as anyone for lack luster play since Jan. Ever since we started to stumble in January I've been keeping a close eye on Babs and his peformance. When the Dec stumbles started, I wasn't as concerned thinking it was just one of those periods in a season that EVERY team goes through....but they never seem to have come out of it fully. Yes a few multi game winning streaks, but I haven't seen them take it to the next level. I've been paying attention to Babs line changes and matchups, game management, reaction after wins/losses, how he manages his staff of coaches, what the players are saying, stats, etc...

I'll say this, he is no doubt a good coach and I want him behind our bench. However this year, I haven't been impressed. I don't think this team this year has found a true identity. I don't think this team plays as a cohesive unit most nights. IMO, we've gotton this high in the standings by riding one hot player to the next, but never all together. I believe he's been out coached in a few games. I believe that he's spent too much time juggling lines/players to get other players going to the detriment of winning consistently (Hudler, Madano, Fil). I realize in cases he is tyring to accomodate for injuries, but as far as injuries go we've actually had it fairly good this year. At this point in the season he should have his 2-3 entire team line combo's for the playoffs pretty much decided...I don't think he has a clue if the playoffs were to start tomorrow. McCrimmon is horrible...or at least our D has been horrible and that's his responsibility (Lids, Raffi, Stewy, and Kronner...most teams would give their left arm to have a top four like this??). On paper I believe we have the best team in the NHL (on PAPER!). His job is to get the most out of his players, which with Wings pool of talent should translate into winning/domination for the majority. The job is not getting done and I believe Babs is underperforming and I'll be very interested to watch him as these playoff's start.

Okay right or wrong I've given a lot of opions above. What's your opinion of Babs coaching job this year?

#2138089 Franzen

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 29 March 2011 - 07:05 AM

He seriouly doesn't even look like he's trying.

How about late in the game, we've got a potential 3-on-2, and he juts dumps it in on the goalie who freezes the puck. Seriously Johan?

Start moving your feet, start going to dangerous areas, start hitting, shooting, just show some effort. It's infuriating.

I saw the same thing. I've seen this quite a bit more than usual with the Wings as of late. If I remember correctly, after we blew a few big leads (Blues in Jan-3 goal lead; Coyotes in March-3 goal lead, Edmonton in Jan, etc...)....you started hearing the players talking about practicing "getting the puck behind there (opposing team's) D, and battling for the puck down low". I understand this being effective when you have the lead, but I've been seeing it more and more when we DON'T have the lead. Scary. This team thrives on offensive creativity and puck possesion. We are not built to be a dump and chase team. Jiri Hudler is not a player you want dumping and chasing-he's like 5' 7''. Dats, Modano, Cleary,....not dump and chase. At any rate, want to see the Wings get back to their style that's made them so effective.

In this same spirit, I've been pretty critical of Babs as of late. He's got to figure this out and I'll be watching what he does as the playoff's approach. In my eyes, pressure is on Babs this year come playoff time.

#2127685 Eat your heart out hudler haters

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 09 March 2011 - 02:53 PM

and why is Carhartt giving out a hockey award?
Oh yeah, to sell some jackets.

Why does a pizza empire owner own a hockey team?
Oh yeah, to sell some tickets.

Ahh Capitalism.

#2124217 Best hotel for wings games?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 01 March 2011 - 01:07 PM

Places I'd stay if coming in from out of town for a long awaited get-away to see Wings game with wife:
MGM Grand Casino (Hands down best...IMO) - Pricey, but beautiful hotel, the best rooms downtown, great location, tons to do pre/post game, great restaraunts (Woflgang Pucks, Bourbon Steak, Saltwater, etc...).
Book Cadillac - Again, a little pricey but great rooms, great location, great restaurant in lobby (Roast - Top Chef contributor and elite chef Michael Symon's restaurant).
MotorCity Casino- Nice rooms, kind of pricey for overall package, but good location in Greektown.
Holiday Inn Express - Adequate rooms, great location, great price.

Where I wouldn't stay:
Atheneum Greektown - Place used to be really nice and great location in Greektown. Stayed there for a party a few months ago....OMG...not good. They told me they are renovating the entire hotel within the year...I'd hold off until then.

May I be the first to say prematurely.... Welcome to Detroit...we're really glad to have you visit!! Have fun, and if you can, forget about all the stereotyping that you hear about Detroit, and you'll have a great time, meet some great people, and experience a great city that was once (and will be again someday) the worlds most respected and envied cities.

Hope this helps and the above is just my opinion.