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#2176749 Subliminal Sidney Crosby Messages in NHL commercials?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 18 May 2011 - 10:09 AM

Crosby is more then just another talented player... The guy is a beast, is 23 years old, and was on pace for 120 or more points. I hate Crosby as much as the next guy, but he is one of the most talented players of all time. Hopefully he is able to recover and keep putting up monster points like he was this year.

IMO...talented and really good players do it for 5+ years. I think consistency and longevity are the trademarks of truely great players. Furthermore, to be considered the most "talented player of all time", I believe your looking at guys that did "it" for 10+, 15+ seasons. I used to hear the same chatter about players being the "most talented", or could be "greatest of all time" and ultimately end up not even being close. LaFontaine, Lindros, Pavel Bure, D. Hatcher (touted as the best complete package looking size and skill for a D man of All Time...granted that was ESPN and it was pre-CBA), Forsberg, Yashin, Bertuzzi (back in the days with Vanc...used to be touted all the time that he may be the best Power Forward of all time), ....you get the point. None of these players would get on anyone's radar for making anyones "All Time" SHORT list (at least if your sane). Unless you consistently perform year-in year-out, and do this for 10, 15+ seasons....I don't think you'll ever be considered as the best, greatest, most talented, of all time. Let's see where Sid is in 5 seasons....then the conversation may be relevant.

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#2170819 Wow... Ryan Clowe will not play in Game 6

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 10 May 2011 - 01:08 PM

As far as Clowe's injury goes, I'd guess it's probably something like a separated shoulder. You don't get a concussion from a big hit, you get it from hitting your head, which it doesn't look like he did. The guy plays a physical game.

Incorrect. Concussions are caused by the brain shifting and as a result bruising of the brain. Sudden unnatural head stops/jars/shocks (due to hits to the body, car accidents, etc...) where the body's natural mechanism to adjust and counteract the main vertebrae/spine/neck are causes of concussions as well. In fact, earlier medicine (pre 1990's) used to term a lot of these such injuries as "whip lash". The medical community focused on treating the neck area of these "whip lash" cases due to the simptoms being severe headaches stemming from the lower/back lobe of the brain. Medicine has developed since that many these injuries were in fact concussions and treating the neck area was of little or no benefit (except if you wanted to wear the neck brace into a court room to win judgement in your favor). Furthermore, I have a relative who suffered a minor concussion from running into the boards (outdoor boards that had no glass and you could actually bend yourself over the top of the boards) at full speed while playing roller hockey. His head wasn't touched (one fractured knee cap and broken wrist), but the speed and jar of his body coming to such an abrupt halt due to his lower body impacting the boards at high velocity was the cause.

#2159145 (2) San Jose Sharks vs. (3) Detroit Red Wings

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 27 April 2011 - 09:54 AM

And honestly, with terrible reffing, a decimated team, and facing a more powerful San Jose team last season the Wings still almost beat them. The five game series is misleading. Detroit blew out San Jose in Game 4 and only lost the other games by one goal, with the game winner usually on an extended 5 on 3 penalty kill.

I agree the circumstances going into this years series are very much different and you can throw out last years series as it relates to this years. I believe these circumstances this year actually favor the Wings. However, I think saying we almost beat them last year is a bit of a stretch. Whatever the case (5-3 PK, etc...), the series was over in 5 games, we didn't almost beat anybody.

Go Wings.

#2139435 Babcock Underperforming?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 31 March 2011 - 11:19 AM

I think Babs is just as much to blame as anyone for lack luster play since Jan. Ever since we started to stumble in January I've been keeping a close eye on Babs and his peformance. When the Dec stumbles started, I wasn't as concerned thinking it was just one of those periods in a season that EVERY team goes through....but they never seem to have come out of it fully. Yes a few multi game winning streaks, but I haven't seen them take it to the next level. I've been paying attention to Babs line changes and matchups, game management, reaction after wins/losses, how he manages his staff of coaches, what the players are saying, stats, etc...

I'll say this, he is no doubt a good coach and I want him behind our bench. However this year, I haven't been impressed. I don't think this team this year has found a true identity. I don't think this team plays as a cohesive unit most nights. IMO, we've gotton this high in the standings by riding one hot player to the next, but never all together. I believe he's been out coached in a few games. I believe that he's spent too much time juggling lines/players to get other players going to the detriment of winning consistently (Hudler, Madano, Fil). I realize in cases he is tyring to accomodate for injuries, but as far as injuries go we've actually had it fairly good this year. At this point in the season he should have his 2-3 entire team line combo's for the playoffs pretty much decided...I don't think he has a clue if the playoffs were to start tomorrow. McCrimmon is horrible...or at least our D has been horrible and that's his responsibility (Lids, Raffi, Stewy, and Kronner...most teams would give their left arm to have a top four like this??). On paper I believe we have the best team in the NHL (on PAPER!). His job is to get the most out of his players, which with Wings pool of talent should translate into winning/domination for the majority. The job is not getting done and I believe Babs is underperforming and I'll be very interested to watch him as these playoff's start.

Okay right or wrong I've given a lot of opions above. What's your opinion of Babs coaching job this year?

#2138089 Franzen

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 29 March 2011 - 07:05 AM

He seriouly doesn't even look like he's trying.

How about late in the game, we've got a potential 3-on-2, and he juts dumps it in on the goalie who freezes the puck. Seriously Johan?

Start moving your feet, start going to dangerous areas, start hitting, shooting, just show some effort. It's infuriating.

I saw the same thing. I've seen this quite a bit more than usual with the Wings as of late. If I remember correctly, after we blew a few big leads (Blues in Jan-3 goal lead; Coyotes in March-3 goal lead, Edmonton in Jan, etc...)....you started hearing the players talking about practicing "getting the puck behind there (opposing team's) D, and battling for the puck down low". I understand this being effective when you have the lead, but I've been seeing it more and more when we DON'T have the lead. Scary. This team thrives on offensive creativity and puck possesion. We are not built to be a dump and chase team. Jiri Hudler is not a player you want dumping and chasing-he's like 5' 7''. Dats, Modano, Cleary,....not dump and chase. At any rate, want to see the Wings get back to their style that's made them so effective.

In this same spirit, I've been pretty critical of Babs as of late. He's got to figure this out and I'll be watching what he does as the playoff's approach. In my eyes, pressure is on Babs this year come playoff time.

#2127685 Eat your heart out hudler haters

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 09 March 2011 - 02:53 PM

and why is Carhartt giving out a hockey award?
Oh yeah, to sell some jackets.

Why does a pizza empire owner own a hockey team?
Oh yeah, to sell some tickets.

Ahh Capitalism.

#2124217 Best hotel for wings games?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 01 March 2011 - 01:07 PM

Places I'd stay if coming in from out of town for a long awaited get-away to see Wings game with wife:
MGM Grand Casino (Hands down best...IMO) - Pricey, but beautiful hotel, the best rooms downtown, great location, tons to do pre/post game, great restaraunts (Woflgang Pucks, Bourbon Steak, Saltwater, etc...).
Book Cadillac - Again, a little pricey but great rooms, great location, great restaurant in lobby (Roast - Top Chef contributor and elite chef Michael Symon's restaurant).
MotorCity Casino- Nice rooms, kind of pricey for overall package, but good location in Greektown.
Holiday Inn Express - Adequate rooms, great location, great price.

Where I wouldn't stay:
Atheneum Greektown - Place used to be really nice and great location in Greektown. Stayed there for a party a few months ago....OMG...not good. They told me they are renovating the entire hotel within the year...I'd hold off until then.

May I be the first to say prematurely.... Welcome to Detroit...we're really glad to have you visit!! Have fun, and if you can, forget about all the stereotyping that you hear about Detroit, and you'll have a great time, meet some great people, and experience a great city that was once (and will be again someday) the worlds most respected and envied cities.

Hope this helps and the above is just my opinion.

#2122018 Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 25 February 2011 - 12:06 PM

I'm content to watch them suffer.

I love the city of Toronto and it's people. Spending a lot of time in Canada I'm pretty pro-Cananda and usually give them the benefit of the doubt. However, when it comes to the Leafs and Leaf fans I have no mercy on the pain they experience. I can't tell you how many times I've been spoken "down" to by Leafs fans about the game of hockey and their superior intellegence. I always make it clear theat I'm a life long Wings fan who follows the sport very closely, and usually I'm very gracious and listen to them preach to me as if I had just become aware of the sport of hockey. All the while I'm thinking to myself: "really?...really?....if Toronto and the Leafs are such the epticenter of hockey, why have they been not only a below average team the past 5-10 years, but a team that makes horrendous errors in all aspects that make up an organization....from the GM down to coaching....I mean really??? Okay??"

To me, it's kind of like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame being located in Cleveland. Come on....Really? Although a disc jockey in Cleveland was the first to utter the term "Rock and Roll"...is that ALL we're basing this on? Motown, LA, New York, Memphis, etc.... Cleveland?? Really??

In one particualr instance I had a Leafs fan tell me at a bar in Toronot that "we really like Draper, we've thought about bringing him home a few times and know we could have gotten him easily". Again...."really????"

#2119906 Osgood's status could prompt trade at deadline

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 21 February 2011 - 12:40 PM

I saw him interviewed by Mick and Ken during either Thurs or Fridays game. Although he may not want to show his hand on the injury publicy, he sounded pretty positive on injury healing well and him coming back to play this season. I wonder if Ozzy may force Kenny to make any decision on bringing in another goaler. I can understand that Ozzy feels he can still be a top goaler when healthy and thinking that there is enough time between now and "when it counts/playoff's" that he should be ready to go. But if I'm Kenny, I'm taking Ozzy's opinion of his health and status out of the equation and deferring to the doctors. Ozzy will always lean on the side of being ready to go...the doctors will give the unbias facts of how the injury is healing and chances of reaggrivation. I'm a bit concerned that if Kenny makes a move for a goaler, it will be without Ozzy's buy-in, and has the potential to end ugly. Ozzy is a complete professional and has always handled himself with class and understanding of the NHL as a business without being selfish, but this may cross the line. This could mean the end of Ozzy's playing days and I think this could be a very hard pill for him to swallow...especially if he thinks he's going to be healthy and ready.

#2117681 Ode to the Red Wings

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 17 February 2011 - 12:48 PM

Very well written. Good to see someone on LGW has some actual talents.

Can you please write one about the Penguins too? :D

I'm hoping I can jump in here an help out with the Penguins poetry:

Here's my first crack at it...please jump in and help me out if you can:

Sid's my name and hockey is my game,
The NHL loves me and makes my life cushy,
But underneath it all I'm really a big ...... hmmmmm?

Having trouble finishing this last line <_<

#2057967 How about these lines?

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 05 November 2010 - 12:05 PM

4) Abdelkader-Helm-Eaves/Miller/Draper

Well, the only issue I see with this is with the fourth line. Eaves and Miller have been playing fantastic...actually that 4th line has been our most consistent line and bringing it every night. Babs has said so himself. In addition, these guys are monsters on the PK. IMO-I don't believe in creating an atmosphere where playing well gets you less playing time and rotated in and out of the line up. I think Babs made this clear by benching Hudler when he easily could have gone to the 4th line for a sacraficial lamb to give the Hud/Cleary/Mod line more time to get going. You play well = you play more. You play poorly = your going to sit and think about it until someone replaces you on the healthy scratch list. Not to pump our chest...but a great problem to have and any GM in the league would kill for this problem...deep, deep waters my friends.

#2049242 Illitch "definitely committed" to new downtown arena

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 19 October 2010 - 11:22 AM

Of course he expects them to pay. That's why he bought the Pistons. He's using the threat of moving the Wings to the suburbs as leverage for city funding for a new rink.

With The Wings and Pistons playing in metro Detroit you get 10,000+ people in that area 100 times a year, spending money. Like Illitch, the city needs to invest in order to stimulate the economy.

The man loves Detroit. If he wants a new rink, I say help the guy out. It will be good for the city and good for long-term revitalization.

I agree in spirit with what you are saying. And I don't want to go into politics.
However, the city simply can't afford it. Detroit HAS NO MONEY!! We can barely afford to keep the lights on in the schools....no exaggeration. Hard to fathom, but the city is broke. I get concerned that such a threat and "force play" by Illitch might create some deep resentment from those who believe there are higher priorities than funding a new arena. Additionally, I'm not sure how effective such a leverage "force" play by Illitch to threaten to move the Wings out of the city in hopes of keeping the Wings and adding the Pistons. Looking at the big picture, this would be nice and yes financially good for the city...but not as lucrative as some may think. The core componenet of city revitilization and economic growth is getting people to reside in the city. Not to visit a few/often times for a couple of hours and back to the suburbs. I have a friend who owns a restaurant downtown and he loves the Wings/Tigers/Lions/Air Race business, but it's nothing to "hang your hat on"....especially considering that ticket, parking, arena vending has become so very expensive. His sentiments are that it's so darn expensive just to park and attend a game....a lot of people are foregoing visiting downtown restaurants/bars for pre-game, post game meals/drinks that once used to be such a steady part of his business....cause they just spent a ton of money simply going to the game.
Anyhow, I would love to see this arena built downtown and have it a great representation of the city of Detroit, the Wings, and if absolutley neccesary the Pistons (but would rather the Wings have their own barn).

#1976332 There are 7 games in a series

Posted by Learn2LuvIt on 05 May 2010 - 07:13 AM

Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?