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    I do that trade with Vancouver all day. Dobson + Wahlstrom makes the draft a huge success. Doesn't matter what follows after.
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    I think that was sarcasm
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    I agree Zadina doesn’t necessarily fill a positional need but he does fill a team need of a pure goal scoring sniper. I truly believe he will be a super star player. So I def don’t mind giving up #30 to get him.
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    Trust me, no one will miss Smith-Pelly at the White House
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    I agree. I'd prefer to hold onto a couple of those 2nd rounders, because there are a bunch of players I like in that range. However, if we can trade one or two, plus, to move up into the top 10, or even 15, I'd do it. I'm a big believer in quality over quantity. I'd like to trade picks in next year's draft, and then replenish them at next year's trade deadline. We need to start restocking that cupboard.
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    I don’t know if I’d trade four picks for the 7th but it’s prettyyy tempting to at least call and see what it’ll take to get 7 or 10. I really really like Wahlstrom and Tkachuk and taking one of them at 6 (I know, Tkachuk is a long shot) and one of the four defenseman at 7/10 would be amazing. Although, at the same time, I’ve started to look at the 25-40 range of the TSN final draft rankings and there’s a lot to like there too. Trading up to 15-20 if a guy like Sandin or Boqvist start falling would interest me a lot too.
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    If AA, Vegas 1st, and 2019 2nd gets us Wahlstrom and (Bouchard, Dobson, Hughes, or Boqvist), I would definitely pull the trigger on that. Especially knowing that we have a bunch of second round picks left that we could use to grab a lot of decent prospects or trade up into the mid/late first round. If the other team involved has decent interest in AA and think he has the ability to help out their top 6 and speed up their rebuild it seems like a fair trade. Not sure who/if anyone values him that much. I’d bet on Edmonton making that trade but not sure about anyone else.
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    Jensen Daley is a pretty nice 3rd pair.
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    Tyler Dellow of The Athletic wrote an interesting article based on Eric Tulsky's model on the cost of trading up in the draft. https://theathletic.com/382776/2018/06/08/dellow-on-the-value-of-draft-picks-and-a-look-at-reasonable-trades-the-canadian-teams-could-make/ He only looked at the 5 Canadian teams; Montreal - 3rd, Ottawa - 4th, Vancouver - 7th, Edmonton - 10th, Toronto - 25th, (Calgary and Winnipeg don't have a 1st round pick in this year's draft). Detroit were mentioned as a trade partner for all five picks. According to the model and what Dellow sees as fair value, we'd have to give up the following to move up for each pick... 3rd overall - 6 and one or (more likely) two of 30, 33, 36 4th overall - looks like a typo in the article, but I would assume similar to the 3rd overall... 7th overall - 30, 33, 36 and 67 10th overall - 30, 33 and 36 25th overall - 30 and 67 I've already said that I'm against trading up from our 6th overall, but trading up to add another top 10 pick (7-10) really intrigues me. This model is based on draft picks only, but what would it cost if we added a player / prospect / pick(s) in future drafts? Based on the two trades involving the 7th and 10th overall picks, would Athanasiou, Vegas' 1st round pick or Ottawa's 2nd round pick, plus the Islanders 2019 2nd round pick be enough? Fair value for both sides? Too much? Not enough? I'd personally love for Holland to pull off this sort of trade to get both Bouchard and Wahlstrom. I think (hope) Holland will be aggressive, but I doubt he pulls this off...
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    https://www.today.com/parents/capitals-t-j-oshie-offers-tearful-tribute-dad-alzheimer-s-t130509 The father of Washington Capitals right wing T.J. Oshie struggles with his memory due to Alzheimer's disease, so his son did his best to give him a night the two of them will never forget. "My dad, he doesn't remember a lot of stuff these days,'' Oshie, 31, told NBC Sports as he choked back tears. "But ... this one will stick with him forever, you can guarantee that." "You bet your ass he's gonna remember this one,'' Oshie told Canada's Sportsnet.
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    Caps win !!! Sports bookies in Vegas celebrate!!