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    NHL Diversity

    It IS about politics. "Defund the Police" is a political action. BLM is a political group. And as I said, politics have no place in the NHL. Period. It's stopped being about equality a long time ago. Equality is law. It's a part of America's Constitution. Racism is now being exploited to push POLITICAL action. Cancelling games would be political, no matter how hard you try to justify it. The NHL has already established it's "Hockey is for Everyone" initiative. It's goal as stated by the NHL: Hockey is for Everyone™ uses the game of hockey - and the League's global influence - to drive positive social change and foster more inclusive communities. The league has also investigated and taken action whenever accusations of prejudice are made within the league. They have literally already made it clear what their views are on issues like racism, sexism and homophobia. Cancelling games would be nothing more than pressured mob appeasement. To cancel games over a sociopolitical issue will just cause further division among it's fan base. Not because they disagree with the message, but they disagree with the messenger or the way it's being delivered. Keep politics out of the NHL.
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    2020 Offseason

    Khudobin is also a solid option for sure. Ya, Kari left the NHL three years back or so after his contract expired...that's not too bad if he's kept in shape. I'd like to see it happen. lol
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    2020 Offseason

    Khudobin has been a beast for Dallas this year but with the flat cap and also having Bishop on the books for the next three years its gonna be difficult for the Stars to keep them both.
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    2020 Offseason

    Wait a minute, I got confused, I was thinking about Khudobin. Isn't Lehtonen retired?
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    Mantha Blossoming

    And more toughness.
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    One of the best signings ever

    I have a theory that @ChristopherReevesLegs and @krsmith17 are two competing personalities trapped in the same body and use the same device to unknowingly argue with each on here.