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    New New Prospects Thread

    Wallstedt AHL stats: GAA: 3.24 SV%: .891 Oh look, Wallstedt sucks
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    Jonas Mahonas

    Remaking the defence

    The real question is when do we move Chiarot? His stock is certainly rising right now. I would be looking at moving him THIS trade deadline and bringing up McIsaac and Edvinsson (9 games for Eddog max til playoffs). I don't think Chiarot has a 4 year future here, and if he does - it will just cut into Edvinsson's program. We are going to be able to get a good haul for him this deadline. Hope Yzerman sees it that way.
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    Remaking the defence

    Wallinder = Jensen McIsaac = Bowey Ajo = Sproul Buium = XO