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    Have a nice 'break', fellas!! See you guys next game! LGRW!!!!
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    30th place. 1 pt up on La LA Land with the extra game played. If I was allowed to post images it would be Mr Burns doing his best "excellent!" Now trade those assets and lock this tank downnnnnn
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    NOBODY keeps the Red Wings at #31 in the NHL!
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    late to the party, but disney.com!!!!
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    You know you want that Nyquist playmaking action, Chiarelli. Don't even try to deny it.
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    We need less cutesy, more shootsy. Other teams are just standing there watching us pass, knowing we're not going to shoot it.
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    Perfect game! - the guys that ultimately matter were gamers - the guys that don't ultimately matter weren't - no points means better draft odds means Larkin is that mush closer to getting some real, much needed, legit help up front hopefully
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    Way to ice it Abby. Oh wait... Congrats. We survived long enough to win.
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    Abby with an easy empty net, hits side of net LOL
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    I just hope he's right that Yzerman lands here and Holland heads to Seattle. Everything will be right in the world again.
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    A fine loss, gentlemen. You earned it today with your inability to do anything at all with your flacid PP.
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    They just lost to the best WC team, and put up a great fight. We just need to beat teams we should beat. The Flames aren't losing much. It isn't just us, the Flames are doing this regularly to everyone. Life sucks, get a helmet. We've got a lot of good pieces to build on to create that environment.
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    Ahh to be 17 years old again and see the '97 Cup won live...memories.
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    No historical references intended. I genuinely like your even-handed style. It's refreshing. It reminds me of when I was young and there was still love and hope and kindness in my heart. Memories!
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    Board virgin, not sure why. lol My 2 fave teams tonight. Grew up an hour from Detroit, 20 years in Calgary. Generally a lot of frustration over the last few years. Should be a fast game tonight, and entertaining. Not sure which team's stream to watch. The 2 classiest teams in the league, even with Tkachuk. All the best tonight. Should be a good 'er.
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    Thanks! Win or lose it's always fun to have some beers and see them live.
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    Hitchcock looks weird, skinny. They must not have donuts in Edmonton....
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    They are in Edmonton, after all. If there ever was a frozen over Hell, that's where it is.
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    End of 1st. No score. I'll take it.
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    This game deserves to go into OT. LETS GO WINGS! Forget the season standings, just win this battle and give us a little thrill for rooting for you pylons all season.
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    it is hard to overstate just how important Green is to this team...
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    I bring the deep cuts. It's why Matt pays me the big bucks.
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    I didn't see Abdelkader mentioned in that article. My guess is his contract is so bad that no team wants to touch it.