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  1. Us not impressed with how Shattenkirk played in the playoffs. Not saying he not good. But, there is room for improvement.
  2. Trouba is >>> Shattenkirk because if you watched the playoffs Shattenkirk is not good at defending. At. All. My pipe dream is the Wings swap (with players as well) first round pick with the Stars. Then draft Miko Heiskanen. He's the best dman in the draft and the closest to being nhl ready. He'll never make it to #9
  3. I actually like Columbus in 6.
  4. While I do think in the long run Hronek will be a better player. The Wings need to hope like crazy Cholowski is worthy of a first round pick.
  5. I wonder if they were not happy with the program he was in at St. Cloud and think he would be better developed in Grand Rapids? Can't really say I know much about about college hockey, but it seems odd that they would sign him now.
  6. http://www.firekenholland.com/
  7. The future is now!!!!
  8. I'm going on record............. Juuso Valimaki would be the best first round pick. He's a great 2 way d-man. 6'2" good skater nice shot and does not get rattled. Liljegren is a good player. But, I'm just not sold on him.
  9. I for one am glad it's over. It's time to rebuild. Not on the fly. But, a true rebuild. Larkin, Mantha, AA are a solid start...............
  10. One guy's opinion on how to fix the Wings............. http://www.wingingitinmotown.com/2017/3/27/15065404/the-next-18-months-the-red-wings-road-back-part-1
  11. Cindy Crosby he's a real POS! Not a class act at all.
  12. Smith needs to work on his speed. But, his game is solid.
  13. Smith is a solid pick. He should not take very long to develop his all around game.
  14. Hold on............... Mantha a healthy scratch tonight. Blashill calls it a "teaching moment." How about firing Blashill and calling it a "teaching moment?"
  15. Yes!!! Yet another injury..... Good Lord