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    Ask for it!
  1. Z!!!! Captain!!!
  2. Mraz!!!! Offta
  3. What's the deal with the ice right in front there, last couple struggle?
  4. Mraz is thinking f*** come on guys I'll bail you out again, end this!!!
  5. God damn!!
  6. Atta boy Mraz!!
  7. Let's go, happy to see you!!
  8. Damn it!
  9. Nyquist!! End this boys!!
  10. f*** lets go!
  11. 19 seconds and you pass, pass, pass, shoot it out of play. Ugly setup... don't like that.
  12. Should be a penalty shot but god damn what a game!
  13. How you miss from there!!!?!?
  14. Hit the net helps....
  15. No I had no idea! 4 shots is awesome also while I'm on this sarcastic post.