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  1. This isn't the first time I've seen you mention this. I hope you're right. And like nyqitf mentioned, Yzerman may also have a good idea of where his head is at. Not that I think he's spoken to him directly, but I'm sure a lot of people deep in the hockey circles have a much better idea of what's going on with all of these players (pending free agents) than most of us average fans do. Trouba would be a HUGE add, and getting him for free (giving up no assets) would be massive for the rebuild. I agree. I'd prefer to wait and see what we have in Athanasiou and Veleno (I think Rasmussen is better suited as a winger), rather than give up the assets to acquire Nugent-Hopkins. However, you're way off on your stats. You're looking at his assist totals, not points. He's actually been a 55-65 point center for most of his career, aside from two down years (2015-2017). That's a high, high end 2C, which is what we would hope Veleno could become some day. I think he can, but I've been wrong before... EDIT: I would consider trading Athanasiou or Rasmussen in a package for Nugent-Hopkins, but not Mantha... But again, the price would likely be too high in any RNH trade scenario...
  2. I'm never really in favor of trading up in the draft, but especially in one that is as deep as this one. I want Byram, like pretty much every Red Wings fan, but I'd also be more than okay with any number of other high end prospects at 6. I say stay at 6, hope Byram somehow falls to us (the way our boy, Zadina did last year ), and if not, take the best center available. Cozens, Turcotte, Zegras or Dach...
  3. I'd do that trade in a heartbeat. That was my original trade proposal a few weeks ago. Some thought Tampa wouldn't part with a 1st round pick. Now people are saying that Raddysh wouldn't be enough... I still think Raddysh has top six upside, but he may top out as a 3rd line winger. But you still need those guys, and that 2nd round pick would be exactly that, a gamble. Again, I take the sure thing, but that's just me. I'm high on Hronek, Cholowski and McIsaac, but I still think we need to add another top pair defenseman to that group. The only one that has Trouba level upside in my opinion, is Hronek. I'm okay with waiting it out, but I'd also be okay with going after him in a trade, depending on what we'd have to give up. If Byram somehow falls to us, that would be amazing. I just don't see any possibility of that happening...
  4. krsmith17

    Karlsson on the move?

    I'm sure Yzerman will work his mag... Never mind...
  5. You don't have to be super high on Raddysh. Like I said, I've cooled expectations on him, but he will be an NHL player, and that's more you can say for most late 2nd round picks. Beecher and Fagemo are 2019 draft eligible. Tampa don't have a 2019 2nd round pick. You mentioned trading for their 2020 2nd round pick... Again, I'm not against waiting, but there's no guarantee that Trouba will be available in 2020. If we knew for sure, we obviously wait, if we don't know for sure (we don't), he would be worth the assets to acquire him. Top pair defensemen in their prime don't come around very often. If you can acquire one, you do it. I agree that if they're asking Hronek or Mantha, it's a no. That is probably where they start, but I think they would come down from that, because again, they know that Trouba is all but gone at this point. They need to get whatever they can for a player that isn't interested in signing long-term. I don't disagree, and maybe Rasmussen would be too high of a price to pay, but I'd definitely give Cheveldayoff a call. I really do think Trouba will be a Red Wing at some point. Going to be interesting when and how he's acquired...
  6. I do think Rasmussen is a net front specialist, but that's not a bad thing. He's a beast in front of the net, and that is very valuable to any team. My argument when he was drafted, was that we could have gotten that type of player later in the draft. Regardless, I'm a Ras fan, and I'm not advocating trading him for just any player. But if we could trade him in a package for a legit top pairing defenseman (Trouba), I do it in a heartbeat. Not to get back into the Zadina debate, but I think 60-70 points is likely where he ends up, but I'd put his ceiling a little higher. I think 60 points could be Rasmussen's ceiling, likely a 40-50 point guy, which is solid production. I also don't think he has the foot speed to be a top six center in today's NHL. We have Larkin, Athanasiou and Veleno better suited for that role in my opinion.
  7. Yes, we're rebuilding, and adding a 21 year old prospect with top six upside is what rebuilding teams tend to do... Again, the known prospect is much more valuable than the unknown pick in the same range. Taylor Raddysh (picked 58th overall) > 2nd round pick (around 58th overall) I didn't say we'd be a playoff team, but he improves our team in a big way, and gets us closer to the playoffs in the next year or two... Which after all, is the goal... Here's what you said in your previous post... ... so I don't think you did realize Yzerman can't talk contract with Trouba, or you think he would anyway, despite rules on tampering... No he can't force Trouba to sign, but I'm sure he would have a pretty convincing pitch ready for him (not that I think he'd need to do a whole lot of convincing)... Nowhere did I say that if he is traded to another team, he would "automatically" re-sign. However it is possible that if he is traded to another team, he could sign an extension. I don't completely disagree with you on waiting until 2020, but my question was, if we were to go after him in 2019, what would it take to get him?... If Winnipeg know that they're going to lose Trouba regardless, they would likely be willing to trade him for a similar package to the one I proposed. Green, although much older, isn't that far behind Trouba production wise. He too will likely be gone after next season, but they add a high end prospect and a high pick. Again, I'm not sure if this is too much, or not enough to offer, but it seems at least somewhat fair from both teams' perspectives...
  8. krsmith17

    Karlsson on the move?

    Whoever signs Karlsson (assuming it's a 7-year contract) will regret it halfway through the contract. Unless of course he helps his new team win a Cup in the next 3-4 years. In Tampa's case, that could be a real possibility...
  9. krsmith17

    WCF: San Jose Sharks vs. St Louis Blues

    Go Blues! and not just for that reason...
  10. You're right. I would for sure. But, I'm much higher on Zadina than I ever have been on Rasmussen (as many well know). I'm not looking to trade Ras, because I do still think he'll be a solid contributor, but in my opinion, his ceiling is MUCH lower than Zadina's.
  11. Trouba is a top pair defenseman that is just entering his prime (25 years old), and would fit right in with the age of the rest of the young core. Yes, Rasmussen was picked 9th overall, but so was Trouba... If we're lucky, Rasmussen becomes a power-play specialist and puts up 50 points some day. Trouba is doing that now as a defenseman. How does acquiring Trouba "keep us as a non-playoff team"? No, we might not make it next year, but he progresses the rebuild and gets us that much closer. Yzerman can't tell Trouba to hold off and sign in Detroit in a year's time. That would be tampering. However, if we did acquire him, he would be all but guaranteed to re-sign in Detroit. Zero chance he would turn down a contract from his childhood team (Red Wings) / childhood idol (Yzerman). If he gets traded to another team, there's a strong possibility he would re-sign there as well though. From everything I've heard, he just wants to play in the States, closer to home. Detroit is as close to home as he's going to get. Great fit for both sides.
  12. I'm not as high on Raddysh as I once was, but I think he will be a player (middle six winger), which is more than you can say about most late 2nd round picks. Draft picks are great, but I'd take the sure(r) thing over the unknown. He's also a lot closer to NHL ready than any player we'd be getting in the 2020 draft would be.
  13. There are a lot of rumblings that Trouba will be traded in the next month, before the draft. If he is available, what would you be willing to give up in a trade? Apparently they'd want a capable top 4 defenseman coming back. Would a trade involving Green work (assuming he's healthy)? To DET: Jacob Trouba To WPG: Mike Green, Michael Rasmussen, 2019 2nd round pick (SJS) Would that be enough? Too much? I've been saying we should wait until he reaches free agency in a year (assuming he only signs for one more year with Winnipeg), but if he is being traded, we definitely need to inquire...
  14. I'm not opposed to trading Rasmussen, but Nugent-Hopkins wouldn't be my top choice. And if we were trading for him, it would take a LOT more than Ras and swapping 1st round picks. I'd settle for a 2020 2nd, but personally I'd prefer Raddysh. BriseBois is not giving up a 2nd round pick AND a top prospect to get rid of Callahan for one season... Like I said, I think they'll sign him as a depth player for the Griffins, but doubt they see him as a part of the Wings future. What obscure website do you get your stats from? Seriously, what site is that? Not using EliteProspects or HockeyDB is criminal...