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  1. I agree to an extent, but I think for the most part, most of us have somewhat realistic expectations for Jensen as well as most prospects coming up in our system. Just because we are excited about how well he's playing, and that he signed a very nice contract doesn't mean anyone is expecting him to become some sort of stud number one. I'd say his ceiling is 2nd pair, likely making a career as a mobile 3rd pairing guy. I'm excited for some of our D prospects too, but I don't think any of them are upgrades over anything we currently have, including Ericsson. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't love to see Russo in the lineup over Ericsson. That's just a personal preference, based on wanting to get younger while getting rid of a few bad contracts in the process. The organization has been very good at grooming (drafting and developing) their prospects for the most part, but that doesn't mean they haven't made some errors in judgement along the way. Some were very apparent to most fans and as a fan base, we've earned the right to call them out on those. I do believe Jurco was brought up too soon, and mismanaged terribly, I also believe Jensen could have been brought up a year sooner and he would have been just as good last year. You may not agree with that, but that's the way I see it from my perspective.
  2. Just another example of player mismanagement by this organization...
  3. It's the Red Wing way... Seriously though, what makes it even more mind boggling is the fact that he outplayed and was arguably the most deserving of a spot out of the 4, two years in a row. I've always been a fan of Jensen, but I honestly didn't think he'd ever get an opportunity here...
  4. Nope... The fact that Vanek is playing tomorrow night scares the s*** out of me...
  5. Yup, prices are through the roof this year. Good year to be a seller. Should be 1st plus for Vanek easily.
  6. Boyle to Toronto? Hoping they massively overpaid...
  7. Strange move. Why didn't Arizona put a claim in on him? Not that it matters. I doubt Arizona will ever have to give up anything in the way of "future considerations"...
  8. Khan - "Blashill said he'll dress best 20 players available tomorrow. So no plans on holding out player who might be traded." F***! Really wish Vanek would be healthy scratched...
  9. I agree. But what if the rumors are true and you're offered a 1st round pick. Do you take it? What about a 2nd? I don't think I'd go any lower than a 2nd...
  10. Kyle Quincey being held out of game tonight. Healthy scratch. Pierre LeBrun - "Smart. Every team selling rentals should do that next 2 days." Yes. Yes we should. Please don't play Vanek tomorrow night. Not worth the risk...
  11. I'm thinking it was just an easy signing to make. Maybe they wanted to get a deal in place before he had a chance to up his value... Typo I'm assuming... Better question is, did we call up Givani to play 3rd pair defense? EDIT: How do you quote tweets like that amato?
  12. I'm thinking he was just recalled to replace Jurco as the healthy scratch. Anyone else really hoping Vanek is a healthy scratch tomorrow night? I'm nervous as hell that he will play and get injured...
  13. $800K 2017-18 and $825K 2018-19. Good signing.
  14. I don't think they "need" to go, but either should be moved in the right deal. Although I agree with the Hudler and Filppula comparison, teams do still need those types of secondary scorers. I just think this team needs a different look, and if either can be packaged for a high end defenseman this summer, we need to do it.
  15. This Sheahan trade rumor is very similar to the Jurco trade in my opinion. I'm not, nor ever was as high on Sheahan as I am Jurco, but I don't think Sheahan is nearly as bad as people like to make him seem either. I know, not a single goal in 58 games, guy sucks right? Having a down year is a huge understatement, but when every player on the team is underperforming (some more than others), you don't just trade off every single player, you "should" look at coaching... Sheahan scored 13 and 14 goals the past two seasons, and 9 in 42 games his first half season. That's great production for a bottom 6 center. I think we should be major sellers at the deadline and even this summer, however I don't think the young kids (25 and under) are the players we should be looking to offload. I think giving up on Jurco was stupid, and the same applies to Sheahan to an extent. However, if the rumors are true (I'm not so sure they are...), and a team is actually offering up a 1st (or even a 2nd), we'd be stupid not to take it...