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  1. Callahan! 3-2 Griffs!
  2. Lorito on the PP! Beautiful goal. 2-2. Yeah, Coreau has not impressed at all...
  3. Strange signing. I guess you can never have too much depth but I'd be shocked if he ever plays a game for the Wings. I doubt he even cracks the Griffins lineup out of camp. I fully expect him to start in Toledo.
  4. Do you think Colorado are in a better position than Detroit going forward? I don't. They're also not guaranteed a better player in this years draft. Whoever they pick 4th could become a bust or 2nd / 3rd line / pair player, while whoever we pick 9th could become a stud number one center / defenseman. The difference between 4th and 9th in this years draft is negligible. Anything after number 2 is basically a crapshoot. Also, the point I was trying to illustrate that you somehow missed in my last post was that Philly just barely missed the playoffs and are picking 2nd, guaranteed one of the big two, while Colorado were a complete dumpster fire all season, one of the worst seasons in NHL history, and are picking 2 spots below them... Tanking doesn't guarantee s***.
  5. People hate on Nielsen and his contract (I'm not a big fan either), but the same people would have been b****ing and moaning if Holland was rumored to be in on Nielsen but ended up elsewhere... "No one wants to come here. We couldn't even convince Frans Nielsen to come here"...
  6. Well if we somehow managed to scrounge up an extra 10 points this season (finishing just ahead of the Flyers) we would be picking 2nd overall and be guaranteed one of Patrick or Hischier... Nothing is guaranteed by losing, especially the way the draft lottery is set up. The goal should always be to win hockey games.
  7. You would think the new state of the art arena would attract some players as well. Although that may have more of an effect on veteran UFA's than unknown kids that would have to play for a spot, likely starting in Grand Rapids. Either way, we still are attracting players every year, and people that say otherwise are just looking for s*** to complain about...
  8. I guess there are "technically" 62 (with Vegas) "top pair" defensemen in the league, but that doesn't necessarily mean that all 62 are "legit" top pair defensemen. There are several teams (we're probably one of them) that don't have a single legit top pair defenseman. There are some teams with 3, maybe even 4 that would be considered legit top pair defensemen. I think Shattenkirk is a borderline top pair defenseman, but is better suited on the 2nd pair, getting top power-play minutes. But yes, I'd definitely have him ranked somewhere in the top 62, so I guess "technically" he is a "top pair" defenseman...
  9. Damn autocorrect. I'm sure you meant "right" way... Yeah, the whole children's hospital thing still gets to me. What is he trying to prove donating $10M to sick children? You know it's just a publicity stunt. Guy is as arrogant as they come...
  10. Latest I heard on Foo was Edmonton are front runners, but I think the Oil are being thrown out there as front runners for just about every player right now. I think he would be a great add for a team that lacks center depth, in particular right handed centers.
  11. I know right? What kind of clown dances during warmups? He needs to get his head in the game. 10 points in 16 games? Pfff he'd have a lot more if he wasn't so busy trying to be a crowd pleaser. Maybe then he'd be a half decent hockey player. Get your head in the game you f***ing CLOWN!!!
  12. I wouldn't bank on that. I hope we trade him for a 1st round pick at or before the deadline, but I wouldn't be at all shocked if we re-sign him before then. And honestly, I would much prefer have Green at a similar deal, 2-3 years at $5-6M, than Shattenkirk at 5-7 years at $7+M...
  13. Shattenkirk is going to get MASSIVELY overpaid and the last thing this team needs is another bad contract. In my opinion he is a very good 2nd pairing defenseman / power-play quarterback. He's not a legit top pair guy. No thanks!
  14. Long weekend got you screwed up too? Today is Tuesday and game 7 (if Ottawa wins tonight) will be Thursday. But yeah, I agree, the finals should start Saturday at the latest.
  15. Yeah, it would be a shocker if Patrick / Hischier didn't go one / two, but as we seen last year with Dubois going 3rd ahead of Puljujarvi, anything is possible. I don't want any part of moving up in this year's draft. It's very possible that one of Glass, Suzuki or Tippett will be available at 9, and if they're not I'd be completely okay with moving back a few spots and picking up another 2nd to take one of Liljegren or Foote. I'd like some sort of scenario where we could trade back to around 14th and pick up another 2nd, and then trade one of our 2nd's and one or two of our 3rd's to pick up another 1st... We end up with two 1st's, one 2nd and two 3rd's...