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  1. Ken Daniels just mentioned the same thing. He must stay on the active roster for a minimum of 30 days...
  2. I'd even be willing to take back a bad contract like Justin Faulk...
  3. I do still think we need a legit number one at some point, but I do agree that we're not under near as much pressure to go out and get one immediately with the way we're currently playing. Maybe the price tag for Trouba goes down over the next month (before the December 1st deadline), if Winnipeg continue to play sub par hockey and Cheveldayoff feels a bit of pressure to make a deal... It's extremely foolish to think we need 2 or 3 though, and even more so to think it's even a possibility to trade for 3 top four defensmen...
  4. Cool to see Frk and Nestrasil playing on the same line tonight. Hope we shut them down. I'm expecting Larkin to break out and another big game for Sproul...
  5. According to Khan... "The Hurricanes are in the process of determining whether Frk belongs on their team. He must be on the NHL roster for at least 30 days after being claimed on waivers. But he can be waived after that."
  6. Which reasonable contracts are you speaking of? I'll agree on Nyquist but both Tatar and Smith are on expiring contracts. Tatar will be looking for at least what Nyquist is making, and Smith could very well walk in the summer. Not very attractive to a internal cap team that has issues attracting free agents... You don't replace two of (arguably) your top goal scorers with rookies and expect similar results... I'm very high on Svechnikov too but he isn't close to being NHL ready in my opinion. Green doesn't "need to be replaced" as long as he's still producing and playing at a high level, which he currently is. I'd even consider re-signing him for another short stint at a slightly lower cap hit after next season if his offensive ability is still prevalent. I fully expect Kronwall to go on LTIR at some point, possibly this season, and possibly for the duration of his contract. Like I said previously, Ericsson is a very capable defender in a reduced role, slightly overpaid, but we'll have more than enough ELC's on the books over the next few years to even that out... Smith, although not the stud we all hoped he'd become is still a very solid top 4 defenseman, and that's about what you can expect from a late first round pick. So no, he certainly isn't a "bust". I'll agree it's too early to tell what we have in Marchenko, Ouellet and Sproul, which is all the more reason to see how they turn out rather than massively overpaying for three defenseman...
  7. Thanks for clearing that up Buppy. I knew there was something about 30 days in there... lol
  8. I don't know exactly what the ruling is other than that player has to stay on your active roster (doesn't necessarily need to play) for x amount of days. 30 rings a bell but that could be way off... And yes, they would have to clear waivers again if the team wanted to send them down to the American League after the minimum day or game requirement.
  9. Did you just compare Dustin Brown to Martin Hanzal? Both as bad contracts we could trade Howard for?
  10. So instead of arguing any of the multiple points I made about why this would be a horrible trade for both teams, you just add another reason why it wouldn't work? You say "to get you have to give", and follow that up by saying that Smith doesn't hold much value due to being a pending UFA, and Nyquist and Tatar are secondary scorers that can be found in any UFA class... Awesome pitch! Where does Cheveldayoff sign again? Our team is not at all the same as it was 3 years ago, let alone "5 years or so". We have had a huge turnover in that time, and we're continually getting younger (and in my opinion better) each year. We may finish between "6th - 12th in the East, but that's not reason for a team on the upswing to blow it up... Yes, this is a fan forum and everyone has an opinion (no matter how outlandish they may seem), but we should try to at least keep it somewhat realistic, shouldn't we? You said yourself, these are the (only) three big names on the market, and you think it's possible to get all three in a salary cap league? By the way, 40+ points for Green isn't out of the question. DeKeyser is a solid number 2. Although Smith doesn't produce the points we all wish he would, he still possesses the puck a ton and is a solid top 4. Sproul could become the offensive force on the blueline we've been longing for. Ericsson in a reduced role on the 3rd pair where he should be, has looked great. Marchenko is a decent bottom pair guy as well. Ouellet has looked good. Point is, while our defense isn't the strongest, it's not nearly as bad as you make it seem. If we landed ONE top pair guy, we would have a very good defense corp. We don't need to add two or three in my opinion...
  11. Let's just pretend any of this is remotely possible (it's not), there isn't a GM in the league that would make that many massive changes to a team that is (on paper) pretty good, and has won 4 straight against some pretty good teams. Why make so many trades to make your team arguably worse? At best these are lateral moves giving up a ton of offense and depth to solidify the back end... That Trouba trade that you keep bringing up has to be one of the worst trade proposals I've seen. We're giving up TWO 50 point wingers and a 15-20 point defenseman for a defenseman who as of yet, hasn't hit 30 points. This coming from one of the biggest proponents out there for Trouba. I don't think it's out of the question that he could become a 40-50 point defenseman, but he could also tap out at 30 points. That would be a massive over payment for that sort of production. Not to mention the fact that Winnipeg are already loaded up front. Why would they want two more wingers? They're also an internal cap team, and you think they're going to take on over $10M in salary, with two of the three looking for raises after this season?... There's just so much wrong with that trade from every perspective.. I'm not as high as some on Fowler. I would trade for him, but I wouldn't use our first on him. I'd consider Ouellet and a 2nd or 3rd, but that's about as high as I would go... I have zero interest in trading for Shattenkirk, who by all accounts wants to test free agency next offseason. The 8 skater, 1 goalie option is there but I'd be shocked if any teams use this as you'd be protecting two less players. You can be guaranteed most (if not all) teams and definitely Holland will be going with the 7 forwards, 3 defensemen, 1 goalie option. So bringing in any more than one defenseman wouldn't be a smart move in my opinion. I honestly don't think we're going to make any moves, and I'm okay with standing pat for now. I'd do a Smith or Ouellet plus a pick or prospect for Trouba trade, but that'd be about it for me...
  12. I wasn't able to catch last nights game as I was at a wedding (just finished watching PVR'd Wings game). I seen they won 3-2, how did they look? Big night for Bert. Did Mantha play a good game despite not figuring in the scoring?
  13. I agree that it is much better to have Mantha playing top minutes in Grand Rapids then having him play on the 4th line in Detroit with Glendening and Miller / Ott. But that shouldn't have to be the only two options... There's no reason Sheahan couldn't drop down for Mantha, if Blashill weren't so insistent that he's a top 6 player... Anyway, I'm not going to worry about it too much because it's really only a matter of time before he gets the call. I'd also say that the chance of Mantha's game translating to the NHL is much more likely than just about any prospect we've seen in a long, long time. We've already seen glimpses of what he'll become, and with the extra weight (20 lbs.) he added over the summer, he's even stronger and quicker than last season. I think worst case scenario, Mantha becomes a 2nd / 3rd line 20 goal / 40 point player, best case scenario, he becomes a top line 40 goal / 80 point player. And yes, I do think that ceiling is very attainable with his skill set.
  14. Imagine if we had a top line of: Kreider - Larkin - Tarasenko ...... I love the optimism of some hoping to land 2 or 3 of these top defensemen available... It's a long shot that we get even one, zero chance we get 2 or 3...
  15. While I agree that he didn't look good, I disagree on the reason he didn't look good.