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  1. Yay ! Team USA was the better team, but we outworked you guys, had the better goalie and were above all lucky af.
  2. Andersen says no.
  3. I smell a goal fo the Caps.
  4. The Verizon Center is finally getting loud. Nice defense there by the Caps.
  5. For that the Seats have to beat Lundquist first. Fun fact: GOA is also a technical law term in Germany.
  6. Don't know. Hopefully enough to pour coffee over Ott.
  7. Lol, depends on how much the caphit on Kaufman is. It is, if you like pears .
  8. Yep, 2:2 by Let's see how the Leafs handle this. That's a tough situation for a young team to be in. Not a lot of noise in the building. Good old JLA would have went nuts already. PP in the last to minutes for the Caps.
  9. Yep. Should have been a penalty to be honest. Nice move. And Kudos for the Babsocks. Caps are caught in one right now.
  10. Babs working his magic again. This forecheck of the Leafs is just brutal atm.
  11. It's just not the same without the Wings.
  12. 5on3 and the Caps score their first. Damn. They way the game went so far I just had this prepared:
  13. Looks like we are entering the first round stage.