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  1. This makes the Vanek trade much more bearable.
  2. This. I'm as upset about the trade as anyone. But acting like Kenny deliberately took the worst offer is nonsense. Looks like the market wasn't as strong as we thought.
  3. Now that we are officially sellers let's enjoy the rest of the ride and all hope that Vanek doesn't get hurt tonight (if he really plays).
  4. Who looks pretty average himself. Just to clarify: My comment wasn't meant to say that Smith is a bad defense man. He is not and I wouldn't mind seeing him in Detroit again. But a 2nd and a 3rd is still a steep price for a top 4 defenseman who will be an UFA at the end of the season.
  5. Shattenkrik had a lot to do with it. After the Caps got him the pressure was on NY and to a degree Pittsburgh to bolster their D as well and that drove the price up. Good for us.
  6. The Toronto one comes from their signing of Babs.
  7. Make that two. I always liked Smith, but this offer is too good to reject, especially if you consider our logjam regarding defense.
  8. Agreed. You need the Sheahan type of players for a cup run. A low Cap hit but highly rewarding at least at the defensive end. Sheahan is still young, with experience he will only get better at his shutdown center kind of role. I don't necessarily agree that trading Jurco was a mistake. But trading Sheahan, excepting any offers like 1st + prospect, would be.
  9. A high price to pay if that is the case. If they wanted to protect certrain players they could have just offered the pick to the LGK instead. My guess is that the don't trust their tandem Budaj/Quick. I can see why, but the way Budaj has played this season the price for them is way too high for my taste. Edit: I take it back, it's just a seven round pick. It's still stone cold regarding Budaj qho is one of the main reasons the Kings are holding a playoff spot.
  10. That's just hard towards Budaj. This trade doesn't make much sense atm. Guess we have to wait for details.
  11. It is highly unlikely. AFAIK Montreal is in need for a decent top line center, not a scoring winger.
  12. That is the spirit Kenny ! AA for Trouba ? I'd be in. Sounds encouraging overall.
  13. The decision of you keep Smith for me is based on how fast do you think the Wings will be back at contender status. Do you think they will be in three to four years ? You'll need good and reliable 2nd/3rd pair defender then and Smith is exactly that. Or do you think that the rebuild will last longer ? Then it is much better to trade him for a pick. Because over the years Smith won't be much use to you in that case. I'm not sure which way to go now, if Holland makes the right moves we will be back up in the standings soon. But will he ? Can he ? And if in doubt it's probably better to trade him. We can trade back for him or any other player his type if Kenny actually can rebuild us that fast. Because if he can't and we keep Smith we waste an opportunity.
  14. Do you really need an answer ?