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  1. Building through the draft doesn't work if you don't draft top end talent.
  2. Mantha needs to be in Detroit
  3. Did I say he said Frk'd score 20 every year? Others act like they lost some stud prospect though
  4. Sure he did. He could have moved Sproul when he was tearing up juniors,Anthea or AA at any time, Nyquist or Tatar, or any number of players. Of course they had several immovable players, which is as much if an indictment of his moves the last few years as anything.
  5. Watching Holland refuse to make a single meaningful trade that involved a roster player in 15 years has made me very skeptical that he'd ever do it. Even that trade fell into his lap when the Sabre's GM called him and told him Hasek wanted to be traded to Detroit. Every single other trade he's made has been picks, prospects, a guy who's wanted out, or a 4th liner/3rd pair D type, or a salary dump. http://www.nhltradetracker.com/user/trade_list_by_GM/Ken_Holland/138/2
  6. I doubt anyone would trade for him with two years left after this at that cap hit, unless they decide he can be their starter going forward. Then they'd have to convince Holland to give up his precious DEPTH.
  7. I'm talking about that post. I didn't say Mantha alone would be enough. I said as long as it wasn't Mantha plus an unprotect first or a high end prospect, which means AA or Svechnikov at this point, you do it without thinking.
  8. read what I wrote. I never suggested Mantha alone was enough
  9. With either one you're talking potential though. It comes down to who you think is going to be more likely to hit their ceiling, and I think that's Trouba. Mantha's biggest issue has been work ethic since before he was drafted, that's not easy to over come. As long as they don't demand another top prospect or a first as well (unless it's lottery protected) and you can clear enough cap space to sign him, then you do the Mantha for Trouba deal without hesitation. Of course, we all know Kenny won't.
  10. Blashill is clueless. He's taken Babcocks everybody has to grind mantra and doubled up on it. Not everyone has to play safe hockey. Wonder why you can't score? Let the guys push the puck.
  11. The problem is contribute doesn't mean come close to being worth that contract. When we're paying that much to a third line center for 30-35 points a year, that's going to be a problem. Nyquist or Dekeyser would have to go
  12. Wait. So you're saying he's NOT going to score 20+ goals a year and be the reason Holland gets fired? I thought he was.
  13. Even players who are relatively healthy slow down in their mid 30s, unless they're a freak like Jagr or Chelios
  14. If he's still scoring by the new year I expect a 3 year extension.
  15. No, they need top line talent. Nielsen is a second line center signed at least 3 years too ling. Vanes is a second line winger coming off a horrible deal and had a history of motivation issues. He's playing at a high level now, but let's give him a few more weeks before calling him a stud.