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  1. Official 2018 NHL Amateur Entry Draft Discussion Thread

    Interesting that Quinn Hughes has been selected for Team USA maybe Blash will see what he has before we pick him? They idea of trading our Vegas pick in the first to Carolina with Svechnikov for Hanifin is interesting, can't see that being enough for him thou. Maybe it's the master plan, take Quinn then tank for his brother next year.
  2. GB win gold !!

    One happy Red wings fan, we are now promoted to the top Pool for next year's World Champs, first time in 24 years, hope we fair better than last time.
  3. GB win gold !!

    One happy Red wings fan, we are now promoted to the top Pool for next year's World Champs, first time in 24 years, hope we fair better than last time.
  4. Question for KRS

    Get ready for Francouz as well Chris, who's the best we've had you reckon, Klima or Nedomansky?
  5. Question for KRS

    Ill go along with Kip, Sulak is the dark horse for me. A bottom pairing of Hronek and Sulak could be a possibility, but we'd need to offload more than we will do to make that happen.
  6. Libor Sulak

    He has a good debut , 1 assist and a +3 , hopefully he'll be in the home game finale for the Griffins .
  7. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    am i right in thinking ive read somewhere that Pope wants to finish his studies at college so i guess that hes not looking to be on the roster next year?
  8. Official 2018 Off Season *Rebuild* Thread

    well while we are still in stun mode after Kennys remarks that its now a re-build !! ill join in with my version of what id like to do which is possible to do as well, no dream realm trades and signings. for the purpose of this im going to say we draft at 6 as we sit now, were not getting Dahlin folks. Evan Bouchard is the guy im thinking we'll take so thats my choice. NM Howard and Hutton from St Louis ufa, im afraid big Jared doesn't cut it for me. On D I'd let Green walk, Kenny will offer him a contract, but i feel we need to move on. DDK and Ericsson are here to stay, not even Houdini could get out of their contracts, Daley and hopefully a fitter Kronwall will be too to bring that vet leadership Kenny craves. With that in mind id carry 8 D and rotate the younger guys with the vets during pre-season with XO and Jensen traded or waived, to make room for the new players. So who gets to come up? Im all in on getting Hronek up next year, and think he would adjust quickly, is Cholowski ready? I hear differing reports so maybe a year in GR would suit him better. Hicketts did well in his little cameo and id like to see him given a longer stint see iif he can physically keep up with the long haul of a 82 game season. Bouchard (if we get him) has the reports from scouts and those in the know that he could step straight up, wether Kenny will go with that is another matter, but ill put him in and have him paired with one of the vets. My final choice would be the Czech kid from the Liiga league, Sulak. he finished second overall in PPG for D men, behind the 3rd overall pick from last years draft, Miro Heiskanen. Hes a big mobile D , who i thought looked good in his pre season games for the Wings last year, so he would round off my 8 D with 1 being sent down at seasons start. So D would look like DeKeyser Ericsson, Daley Bouchard , Sulak Hronek and Kronwall Hicketts. The forward situation is even more congested, with shall we say, not very helpful contracts. Zetterberg, Nielsen, Nyquist, Abdelkader, Helm are staying unless Kenny finds a trade partner. doubtful. On the potential players out, Booth is retiring i hear, will Frk get offered a deal, and will Kenny cut ties with AA and offer him up in a trade? Will he be calling Babs to see if he wants his boy Glendening ? My scenario is that all 4 have been let go or dealt. Im not listing any players in bound in any deals, lets just say we got picks for them that did get dealt. This leaves us with Bertuzzi, Witkowski, Larkin, Mantha to go with the 5 above. So in theory 4 forward spots up for grabs. Svechnikov played well enough to get one and id be really surprised and a bit miffed if Rasmussen didnt get one as well. Ive got a strong hunch that Pope will get a roster spot next year which leaves us with one spot to fill,so do we go safe with Turgeon or do we go with the defensive specialist C from the SHL in Ehn? Maybe a curve ball and Kenny gives Tangradi a spot for a year to help look after the kids with Witkowski, who knows eh? So here's my 13 forwards for next year . Mantha Larkin Svechnikov Bertuzzi Zetterberg Nyqvist Pope Nielsen Rasmussen Abdelkader Turgeon Helm Witkowski. I doubt very much well see that many roster changes , as 8 is probably too big a turnover but it is feasible.
  9. FAs NCAA

    Looks like Dallas were reading!
  10. 2018 draft , who's your 2 picks in 1stR

    just think, if Adam Erne hadnt have checked Green we could be sitting on 3 first round picks and an early 2nd pick too. God knows what Kenny would have done with that! But id try and make a deal using that Ottawa pick and throw a roster player plus prospect to see if any GM trades their 1st rounder for it,
  11. FAs NCAA

    not sure if we have a thread on this or not, but coming to the end of the season some college guys worth looking at that havent been offered deals elsewhere as far as i know. Ive not listed our own pick Pope, sure ive read that he will be offered the chance to make the Wings next year thou. picked 4 players id like to be given a chance for one of the 50 contracts next year. Tony Calderone, from Trenton captain of the Univ of Michigan 6' 200lb RW shoots R. playmaking forward. Jay Dickman from St Paul MN Bemidji State Uni 6'6" 230lb C/LW shoots L. checking line forward. Justin Wade from Aurora IL Univ of Notre Dame 6'2" 225lb D shoots R. stay at home D-man. Kevin Lohan from CSH NY Boston College 6'5" 216lb D shoots R. 2-way D, although ive just seen that Toledo have signed him. Any other guys worth a look?
  12. Drafted First rounders

    Genuine question , can first round draft picks refuse to sign for the team that has drafted them?
  13. 3/6 GDT - Red Wings vs. Bruins @ 4:00 PST

    Second goal was harsh on Coreau as Big E added to his own goal collection!#
  14. 2018 draft , who's your 2 picks in 1stR

    Quinn Hughes looks interesting, although on the small side for D , his skating is elite, and the added bonus would be in using him to persuade his lil Bro to decline all others in the 19 draft in favour of playing with his brother!