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  1. I joined in '02, but shortly after the Finals. I have no idea what badges are or how to acquire though. Regarding basketball, I have no issues with it. It wouldn't negatively impact the ice. The key is having the arena planned for hockey from day 1 vs planned for basketball and adjusted to fit hockey, that's when you'd be risking ice conditions. It's difficult to try and fix flooring for ice after the fact.
  2. They are looking at other arena deals? After just making the move? After spending 40+ years in Uniondale, they made the move (which was a tough one for a lot of people) and now they are looking elsewhere after 1 year?
  3. Why? Panik had 2 goals and 3pts in 3 games, Anisimov had 4 goals and 7pts in 3 games.
  4. Before last night's game, Vancouver had played 3 games and didn't lead any of those games at any point. They hadn't had a lead for a single second yet on the season, yet they were 3-0. They won last night as well and are 4-0, but they held a lead in last night's game for some time.
  5. I highly doubt Green is going to score more than 31 goals or 76 points this year.
  6. He was coaching the Ducks for the entire year last year...was fired after the playoffs. Ducks scored 1 goal in their first 4 games....10 goals in their first 10 games.
  7. Sounds eerily similar to last year
  8. I'm not sure they concluded he wasn't a fit earlier, otherwise, perhaps they would have made a trade. Also, it's entirely possible that they have been trying to trade him for a while. For every trade that happens, I'd bet there are 20 that don't work out. In terms of AHL, it's literally meaningless. My friend lead the AHL in scoring one year, was the top goal scorer in another year (scoring almost 60 goals) and was an AHL MVP. He also led the NHL in scorer during pre-season (again, meaningless). He finished his career having played a total of about 40 NHL games.
  9. You'd still have people complaining of up on someone. Hindsight is easy to say that now, but as I said above, the only way you trade someone at that point is to pick up someone you are targeting, not to dump a guy for an asset...the asset you get back is highly likely to be no better than what you've got....if you've already figured out you don't want him and he isn't going to develop into much, other teams are going to likely conclude the same (although you do have GMs out there that think they can turn someone into something)
  10. Exactly, I don't get why so many don't understand this. Nobody wanted him bad enough to give up an asset for him. There was a good chance the Wings wouldn't want him on the roster, so he's have to hit waivers, then another team could grab him....take a chance at a very low cost (just salary). There's no guarantee in getting the player that way though as several teams could put in claims. If teams really want a guy, they'd make a trade for them. He literally had no trade value, if he did, one would have been made. Now you could complain that he could have been traded at some earlier point when he had trade value, but that's hindsight. You have an asset that you are hoping develops into something, the only way you trade someone that you think has potential is to get another player you have your eye on, you don't just give someone like that up to get a pick. It's not like he was a high potential guy when they drafted him. He was a long shot to develop into anything when they got him. You draft people in later rounds in hopes they develop into something beyond what they projected on draft day. More often than not, they don't.
  11. Don't inflate it now, he only played 7:20. He had more ice time than Dalpe though, he only played 7:01.
  12. 1 - Wings make the playoffs, or don't make the playoffs....haven't decided which prediction to go with yet - both could be considered bold depending on who you talk to. 2 - Zetterberg retires at end of season. 3 - Edm makes the playoffs, lose in first round
  13. Not sure about that. I don't know who played all the time on the 4th line, but I do know it included Cullen and Fehr. I'd say those two were certainly well above your average 4th liner in terms of offensive ability. I do think people get caught up a little too much in what made other teams successful the year before (including GMs) though. That said, there is some truth to the comments that the league has changed, you need guys that can skate on all lines, a simple grinding defensive 4th line is a thing of the past I think.
  14. One thing I already knew from watching the cup being award on the ice, etc., but what was also in this is that he has an 8 year old son. I remember watching and thinking "that's his son?" How old is Rutherford? I guess he had his son either at 59 or 60.
  15. Marchand? He's not French