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Do Maple Leaf fans deserve better?

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^ New story about the waffle thrower.

He makes some good points about the team putting s*** on the ice every night, and I still agree that the lifetime ban is BS. Also Im finally glad to find out the significance of the waffle being thrown. Waffle - "W" = Affle (awful). Pretty clever lol.

Honestly, how does that work?

Couldn't he just wear some glasses, a hat, or alter his appearance just enough to sneak by and attend games again? Someone could easily purchase tickets for him

Btw, I really do hope the Leafs make the post-season this year. Yes, actually play, not make the post-season by purchasing tickets and going to the game.

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From Sportsnet:

The Toronto Maple Leafs are ready to run with James Reimer.

The 23-year-old goaltender capped off a dream season by signing a US$5.4-million, three-year contract extension Thursday. Reimer led the team on a surprising second half turnaround after getting called up from the American Hockey League.


Is he just the latest in a long, seemingly never-ending string of "the next great Leafs goalie" or is there something going for him?

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does signing Reimer mean that this finally is this year* :hockeysmile:

because it certainly sounds so if you read Maple Laughs fanboys ;)

* - the Leafs win the cup, for those who don't know the old joke

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Reading through a thread at HF Boards, I got to thinking - do Leaf fans, as fans of a proud Original 6 Franchise, deserve better than what they've been getting? Horrible management, mediocre at best teams, horrible trades/signings and MLSE's only motivation being for profit hasn't stopped the fans from coming to games or buying merchandise. Of course, fans are enjoying watching their failures, many Wings fans among them.

I don't like the Leafs as much as the next guy, but I can't help but feel the smallest portion of pity for what their fans endure compared to Detroit fans. I sure don't feel bad for the team, but to the Leaf fans who are starving for a winner (not the cocky, entitled fans), I do to a certain extent.

No, no they do not. A large part of the problem is the fans, or at least the hockey culture in Toronto. I've heard them described as the Yankee fans of hockey, proud and fanatically loyal, but short sighted. Unfortunately, for someone like me who revels in the Leafs' failures they are probably going to get better, if they have enough common sense to leave Brian Burke alone to do his job. Anybody else notice how all he's done is tear that organization down, strip it of dead weight, or at least get rid of contracts that didn't fit into his scheme? Also, notice how in most cases he's moved guys in return for relatively high draft picks. They are a few years away yet, but they're going to start developing that team, the right way. And in a few years they'll have a very quality hockey club, just like Burke did in Vancouver, and just like he did in Anaheim. Unless all the scrutiny from the dips*** fans and all the other indians wanting to be chiefs gets him fired first. They've been terrible for a long time, that won't change overnight, but they've got the right people in there to do it now.

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He had a good season, but it seems very "Brian Burke" to go with someone who hasn't accomplished a whole lot as the "savior of the team".

It's really no big deal. If he stinks, it's a 1/3 buyout because of his age, so it would be $300k per year. So why not take a chance? The kid earned the chance to take the ball and run with it. And obviously the hoping is Gustavsson just had a sophomore slump.

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