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2/13 GDT: Bruins 2 at Red Wings 4

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This is not my writing...I just thought it was a everything I always wanted to say.... :thumbup:


Pierre Mcguire is the bane of the hockey world. He is without a doubt the worst color commentator in the history of sports broadcasting. I have never wanted to inflict more bodily harm on another human being than i want to on Pierre Mcguire. Why is this man a sports broadcaster,why. I don't get it. He has never played in the NHL , the only pro hockey he played was in Europe. He coached the Hartford Whalers to an outstanding record of 23-37-7 as a mid-season replacement. The only reason that I can think of as to why he is on TSN is because he must have let someone throw it in his ass. There is no other possible reason for it. Do the people that pay his salary actually listen to what this idiot has to say. He has the most inane facts about the players , the stupidest comments on the game. ........

this is a guy who wants to take fighting out of the game. Why? Why take fighting out of the game. Do you ever wonder what makes hockey the best sport in the world. I'll tell you. One of the biggest reasons hockey is so good is because of the rivalries. And why are the rivalries so good , not because of wins and losses. It's because of the hits and the fights , fighting is what puts hockey above every other sport. And this Monster ****** Bag wants it out of the game. Like what the hell is wrong with this guy. , do you remember how bad it was listening to him during the world juniors.And to make matters worse this guy writes for sports illustrated, no wonder the NHL has such are hard time getting new fans. The scourge of Pierre McGuire has to be put to an end , this man cannot continue to represent this game any longer on any level.

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Wow what a bad rebound by Thomas. What's up with the goalies today?

I don't know man. After all, every goalie that lets up rebounds like that should be fired. :P


(You might want to use those tags here. People may take you seriously.)

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