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1/12 GDT : Coyotes 2 at Red Wings 3 (SO)

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I want to take this opportunity and thank Henrik Zetterberg for unselfishly teaching me how to say "f*** You."

In Swedish.

Congratulations to Jimmy on the big 100.

Red Wing 'till I die.

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Hell of a move by Z to win it. Smith looked downright dejected after it. They did a good job to hang tough and tie it up to win. If they can match that on the road, they'll be damn tough to beat.

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Both Z's and Pav's moves were amazing. Pav is so smooth, and Smith looked humiliated after Z scored.

All in all a rather boring game, I'm really tired of seeing Phoenix play their dull hockey and I pray we don't have to meet them again the playoffs.

We deserved the win though. At home, we can't be beat. Gotta figure out road play and we'll be hard to stop.

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Wow that was orgasmic

Easy whiskey...have you even seen any of the Stanley Cup wins? If you become orgasmic that easy, I'd say you should see a doctor about that problem...

Man that Franzen guy is so clutch, eh?


Anyone could've had their stick on the ice. Franzen did nothing but redirect a unbelievable pass by Datsyuk. I gave him as much credit as I am going to when he scored by being in the right place at the right time. Datsyuk was more clutch by making that impossible pass, but good on him...if he were as clutch as you want him to be, he would've got one of the stars, in which he didn't. Plus he is still not an all star...I give him credit for stumbling into position and having his stick on the ice...

EDIT: It's true...Even Hudler could've stuck his stick on the ice...I am rescinding my credit to Franzen because of all the slappies here...

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