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D Commodore dealt to Lightning for cond. 7th round pick

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I posted this in the other thread, but it may also be of interest here.

Here is what I was able to type from Commie's Sportsnet interview.

Commie on SportsNet. He found out 6 min ago. He didn't expect to be traded. Has only talked to Holland, is now saying bye to the team. Believes he can be a veteran presence. Hopes to play a regular shift and get some PK time. Disappointed to leave because of the team, but he knows there isn't an opportunity for him in Detroit. He wants to play for a few more years, and hopes to play in many games this season. Being asked if he'd be open to re-sign with Tampa, Commie responded 'I just want to play. I just want to get out there and play.' He thanks Holland for seeing he didn't have a chance to play in Detroit and hopes to be able to play in Tampa. He wasn't miserable in Detroit because of his playing team. He liked the team in Detroit. Commie says, 'I'm single, no kids. I'll just pack a couple suitcases and fly south.'
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Guest Crymson

Maybe Holland is trying to move contracts to get less than 50 contracts signed.

An excellent possibility. I hadn't thought of that.

Holland returning the favor probably.


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<br />Holland returning the favor probably.<br />
<br /><br /><br />

We got a pick for a fairly useless 8th DMan who is about to be a UFA. I don't think a favor was done by either team. At least we got a pick for a guy who was going to sit Til the end of the year and is we have room to trade prospects and picks for a roster player.

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