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WCQF Game Three GDT : Predators 3 at Red Wings 2

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Guest irishock

We should sign Fernando Torres in the offseason to help us score goals.


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we like are team and there is nothing out there that is value for $s we feel would make us any better!

in case anyone is getting carried away by the coming off season additions Kenny is going to make!!

Nope, he needs to take a risk and see what he can TRADE for....as in, get a PROVEN player who has already performed in the league at a high level.

There's a reason some of the kids haven't made the leap into the NHL from the AHL.

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These calls are such a joke.

Its incredible that the Preds are allowed to punch, tackle, do literally anything to the Wings players and then they drop their stick and draw a call.

I think it's the "Well, Nashville's a bigger, more physical team, so you've gotta expect they're gonna be doing stuff like." The sad thing is, the Wings are playing to their soft Euro stereotype. The Preds have absolutely dominated them in the physical contests in this game.

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