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1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

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True, and I agree. At some point though, you do have to see what you have in Smith. So, im glad to see he's up. At the same time though... we've seen Kindl is lacking.. Erricson isnt that great either, not bad, but not great... the losses of Stuart, Rafalski, and now Lidstrom just havent been filled well enough. It's going to hurt.

Personally, I think we just have to many holes to fill. We had an elite team, its getting old. It's time to see what we have in the AHL, and see how that translates to the NHL. Nevermind guys like cleary, samuelsson, bertuzzi at the end of their careers. It's time to see what Nyquist, Tatar, Brunnstrom, Brunner (I know he's up now), have... its time to see what theyve got, its time to..... dare I say it... rebuild. Sad thing is... we dont have the talent at D to go along with this rebuild. We do at forward... but not at D. Sadly though too... we dont have enough young prospects at forward, to trade away to help re-stock the D.

Its going to be a long year I think. I dont see a quick and easy fix here.

Agreed at this point. If you're going to lose, I'd rather get some of the younger guys up and see what they can really do on the big stage. If this isn't some ridiculous fluke period, which I highly doubt given the issues and usual suspects playing like garbage, I'd be find dropping some bombs in trades, just for the sake of getting rid of guys and sending a message. I don't think it's reasonable to expect too much for Franzen at this point, but he has some value no doubt, and I'd rather bring someone in who's going to work hard and bring some younger guys up. If these guys that have been around for awhile don't want to go out and play hard and give their all, well, goodbye then as far as I'm concerned. Enough is enough. You can't build a new team around a guy like Franzen if he's going to continue to find new ways to give a lazy effort.

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Im so sick of listening to this idiot, and darren pang all over the jock of Tarasenko in this broadcast already...

I wish I could get FS-D here in Canada...


And apparently now I see why theyre all over his jock... unreal.

Like I said before the intermission... PK.. means 3-0

Quincey undressed again.\

Can we ditch this loser now? Glad we traded for him...

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