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1/19: Red Wings 0 at St. Louis Blues 6

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If im Kenny... Quincey is in the first cab out of here tonight.. yup, that sright... cab.. he doesnt deserve a bus, or a train... definitely not a plane.

Itd be nice to ditch him, but... who do we replace him with? Oh... thats right... we have no depth at D. Apparently we thought Nick would play forever.

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unacceptable....very unacceptable.

Players that do not belong: Emmerton, Mursak, Franzen, Quincey. The rest of the team is playing like garbage.

In reference to an above poster, I am not ok with losing to this team. I don't care if they are the best in the West. Right now, the Wings aren't even playing with the best team.

I am not even going to blame it on rust. The Blues look mid season form, Red Wings look like soft Euros...

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I love that people were giving me endless s*** a couple years ago when I said the Blues were shaping up to be a real good team. Lot of people changing their tune now; lot of people unwilling to look at reality and critically think about how things will look in the long run before. And a lot of those same people not surprisingly are the ones who didn't think the Wings had anything to worry about. Optimism is noble though oftentimes inaccurate, pessimism is just unfortunate, but realism is something worth embracing.

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