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12/12 GDT - Wings @ Blues (7:30 PM EST)

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This is a game we can, and need to, win. To stop the bleeding at least. Veleno was great last night and I hope he can keep that going. I'd also like to see more consistent lines instead of line juggling. Maybe something like this?




Czarnik-Fischer-Aston Reese

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Currently here before tonights games if we can hobble our way while we get folks back we are till in the hunt. 


 I still don't understand how the F the Sens have only played 22 games as most of the league is around 27-29 games played

Oh right this is a game day thread.....we need this one tonight

  • To end the slide
  • Make the guys feel good
  • Get them ready for my visit on Thursday!!! Yes I am excited!!

I feel like Kane is going to make a mark in this game. IMHO he looked better last night then the last 2 games like he is gaining some of his feel back. 

Kane 2 goals 

Cat with 3 assists

Joe V gets another greasy one in front 

Wings 3 

Blues 1 





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10 minutes ago, mackel said:

Husso is hot garbage this year.  Man we need a save.

the backend is a complete mess.  We have 4 SweDes and a 6'6" goalie that are really good hockey players, and Yzerman decided to sign a bunch of trash to take their spots.  Real smart.

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Could have been a huge boost instead it's a letdown 

1 minute ago, Rick D said:

I just got done saying how much I hate only having one person high on the pp, and seconds later we let in another shorty. 

Maybe just maybe we change it up and have 2 back there 

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