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In Topic: Rank our griffins d prospects

19 December 2014 - 08:31 PM

Yeah, because Scott Czarnowczan is definitely an upgrade over Backman... Rare mismanagement by the Wings on this one in my opinion, although I guess none of us know the full story about what was really going on there...

In Topic: Do we need a trade to get our offence going ?

19 December 2014 - 09:20 AM

kliq, I agree with about 99% of your posts but I can't disagree more on that being a "much more accurate" trade proposal... I would lose my s*** if that trade were to happen. We just lost one of my favorite young Wings (Sheahan), my (everyone's) favorite prospect (Mantha), one of the top players in the American League (Pulkkinen), and my favorite defense prospect (Sproul). Maybe we should add in Mrazek and Scrivens to top it all off. That trade would be absolute robbery by Edmonton in my opinion.

In Topic: Where were team-mates on the Smith headshot

19 December 2014 - 08:56 AM

Don't worry Frank and co. Mike McKee will be here smashing faces in about 5 years or so...

In Topic: Jimmy sucks in a shootout Howard

19 December 2014 - 08:05 AM

Howard needs to stop a few pucks for sure, but he definitely isn't the whole problem. Jimmy is 4/15 (0.266%) which is awful but the players are 4/19 (0.210%) which is even worse. Pav and Gus are the only two that have scored so far this season in the skills competition. Mrazek, who is a perfect 3/3 (1.000%) in the only shootout he has been in, is an option to throw in cold, but we know that would never happen. I just think Jimmy needs to bear down and Babcock needs to throw out a random group of players next time around. I'd almost prefer to see Glendening, Miller and Quincey at this point. No goalie would have a clue what to expect and that's honestly what I believe is half the problem with our players of late. Every team reviews tape of their opposition prior to the game and our guys all have their one or two go-to moves. They're too damn predictable.


Nyquist tries the same forehand, backhand, slide it through the fivehole deke, granted it has worked a couple times but when the goalie is anticipating that one move every time, it becomes a lot harder to pull it off. Tatar, I wouldn't say is predictable because I'm pretty sure no one in the building has any idea what he's going to do including himself, and he usually dekes himself out, gets in too tight to the goalie and loses the puck before getting a shot off. Even Datsyuk has become predictable with one of his two backhand, forehand or forehand backhand dekes, but even though the goalie knows exactly what he is going to do he can sometimes still pull it off because he is  that good.


Anyway, we better start finding a way to get the extra point in some of these breakaway competitions or it will end up costing us come playoff time.

In Topic: Rank our griffins d prospects

18 December 2014 - 07:21 AM

I'm not worried about Backman, he will be fine. But I do agree that Ouellet needs to get up with the big club full time. Why Kindl is still on this team is beyond me. We're not going to get much of a return for him but I believe he can still be a serviceable defenseman on several other clubs. There are 3 teams that I think could use help on the back end right now, due to lack of depth or injury. The Oilers need help at every position, but mostly on the back end. Kindl could be a good fit there. The Islanders and Jets could also use a little help on their back end right now, because of injuries. Any of these teams could have him for a mid to late round draft pick or even future considerations. We can bare to lose the "asset",  the roster spot should be more important to us right now.