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In Topic: Mantha's Injury

Today, 03:34 PM

Well I guess we'll never know how things "would have" played out, but I still believe that Mantha had a zero shot at making the Red Wings out of camp, therefore Mantha's injury has no barring on whether or not Jurco makes the big club. In my opinion the only thing that will keep Jurco down to start the season is if Alfredsson is ready to go on October 9th against Boston - I hope he is.

In Topic: Mantha's Injury

Today, 01:07 PM

Yeah, I've mentioned it before too. I've been told to download a different browser and it should fix the problem, but I tried that and no such luck.

I use this account on my home computer, my work computer and my iphone and the quote function doesn't work on any so I'm assuming it's my account...

In Topic: Mantha's Injury

Today, 12:37 PM

I don't think anyone thinks that because of this injury he won't be a regular in the Wings lineup... I just don't believe he will make the Wings lineup this season, unless there is a massive run of injuries again this season, which I am doubting. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a call-up at some point but I don't think he will be a regular until 2015-16 at the earliest... That's just my opinion.

In Topic: 3 Training Camp Squads named

Today, 11:37 AM

Why not go with some already proven chemistry but more importantly balance...

I don't want to see our two most offensive players on one pairing and our two most defensive players on the other, it just doesn't make sense...


Kronwall - Ericsson

DeKeyser - Smith

Quincey - (Kindl / Marchenko / Backman / Ouellet / Sproul)


In Topic: Mantha's Injury

Today, 09:52 AM

Like HockeyTownRules19 and many others have been saying all along, he wasn't going to make the Wings roster out of camp anyway. I see this as a Grand Rapids injury not a Red Wings injury, so to me it isn't much different than if Pulkkinen was the one who got injured. Anyway, I hope for a speedy recovery so I can watch him develop down in Grand Rapids.