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In Topic: Franzen to 7-day IR

Today, 06:28 PM

That's exactly what it isn't with Weiss. They've said numerous times that they're going to bring him along slowly. I agree he needs to get in some games as soon as possible but it definitely isn't a sink or swim situation. They're going to be patient with him. The guy just needs to get his confidence back up. That's just not going to happen playing third line minutes with non offensive linemates. He also needs to play the position he has played his whole career - center...

In Topic: Toronto Radio: Illitch is selling everything and Babs will be Leafs GM

Today, 06:18 PM

Hasn't Chris Ilitch slowly been taken over for his old man? Wouldn't you think that the ownership of the Wings, Tigers and Little Caesars would be handed down to him and the rest of their children? I doubt Mike or Marian want any of it to leave the family name.

In Topic: Lucic has a meltdown as Bruins get smacked by Habs...again

Today, 02:50 PM

No, not at all. I made it seem like they're a team that beat Boston a lot more often than not. Which refuted your original point... Winning Games > Winning Fights.

In Topic: Lucic has a meltdown as Bruins get smacked by Habs...again

Today, 01:16 PM

Yeah, it must suck being the Habs going up against a juggernaut like the big bad Bruins... they definitely need to change their game plan against them, I mean they've only gone 3-1 the last two regular seasons against them, beat them in their only game so far this season and beat them in 7 games in last years playoffs... something definitely needs to change in Montreal...

Let Lucic act like the little ***** he is, and let the Habs and fans have the last laugh. Love It!

In Topic: Pavel Datsyuk update?

Today, 12:44 PM

dat's sick - I agree that Nestrasil has looked good, but I think that is mostly relative to what we all expected from him. He came out of nowhere at the end of last season and made his way onto the roster this season, in my opinion, only because he would have to go through waivers. He has been strong on the puck and very poised for a relatively young player, but I still think Weiss is the much better option. It will take him a few games to get the pace back in his game, but that's why Babcock is bringing him along slowly. He played 8:03 in his first game back, maybe next game he plays a little better and plays 10 minutes, and then 12, and so on until he's up around 18-20 minutes a night. Weiss will get his game back and he will contribute, so why not get him in going sooner rather than later?