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#2180987 Brad Stuart

Posted by RusDRW on 30 May 2011 - 01:18 AM

Stuart is one of the most consistent players on this team. Above average in every aspect of the game he always gives his 100%. We need more players like him on our blue line.

#2168226 The NHL's new 'catch-up' officiating

Posted by RusDRW on 06 May 2011 - 10:55 PM

I don't like when it happens to other team... Now they give some life to the Red Wings. I don't like it too.

#2143627 Unbelievably bad goal.

Posted by RusDRW on 08 April 2011 - 11:46 AM

I hate penalty complaint s***. Seriously. Waah, they had more power plays the refs gave it to them! Stuff like that. Yes, there are bad calls sometimes. But refs generally get things right. My only major beef is the apparent tendency to try and call it "even" every game, when it often clearly isn't. It's sort of the reverse; by not giving the cleaner team more power plays, you are making it uneven in favor of the dirtier team. If they're even and should be, great.

As for the SJ series... on par is hardly accurate. Yes, the Wings had a hard time maintaining momentum due to penalties. But ultimately the Sharks played better hockey.

Partly agree with you. Well, if they get rid of trying to even games I would be almost satisfied. Almost...

Concerning SJS series. This thread is devoted to a game in which momentum perhaps (leave some chances for play-offs desire) decided the outcome. The rest is "what if" game... If they didn't call some phantom penalties what should have happened? And remember that this is hockey where a team playing <b>slightly</b> better does not necessarily win.

PS What if that Hossa's "goal" was disallowed and Blues scores to make it 3-0? If Hawks make the play-offs and advance further I hope they make commercial saying something like "what if we correctly officiated that game?"

#2132068 Recent suspensions

Posted by RusDRW on 18 March 2011 - 03:46 PM

I'm not as think as you angry I am.


Broken English, right? Иди ты нахуй, мудак! Is it better?

#2130089 Brule crushes Letang

Posted by RusDRW on 14 March 2011 - 03:00 AM

these guys should have been singers...

Hands up! Hands up! Underneath the chin!
Hands up! Hands up! Underneath the chin!

It is pathetic how they compare this hit to Kostopulos' one. Kostopulos used his elbow to target Stuart's head.

However, I still don't like this hit. It was late and Brule made multiple steps towards Letang to specifically hit him harder. However, Clutterbuck always hits like this and most people are quite impressed. I just wouldn't like one of our players to be at the receiving end of such hits.

#2125192 Wings Playoff/Cup chances?

Posted by RusDRW on 03 March 2011 - 10:28 AM

This year I feel that we're much better than any other team. I rarely had that feeling in the past. Last time it was in 2007 when we lost to Anaheim and back in 2002 for obvious reasons. If our players want it hard, we're going to win. However, I don't think our players are motivated enough.

#2125182 Trevor Gillies

Posted by RusDRW on 03 March 2011 - 10:18 AM

I don't feel for players like Clutteruck. Looks like they think they are allowed to do everything they want earning their ice time with questionable hits to star players. Each time he is on the ice against us I can only hope either Datsyk or Zetterberg will not be injured. He got what he was asking for. Hopefully, that would be enough for his fearless spirit...

How much should Gillies get? Two games. This is what Cooke always gets. So why should we treat this differently?

#2106944 All-Star Draft Discussion

Posted by RusDRW on 29 January 2011 - 02:35 AM

Lidstrom assembled a defensive fist team. In fact it is quite similar to what Detroit would be if we would have no cap restriction :)

#2079948 Possible Winter Classic @ Comerica Park

Posted by RusDRW on 17 December 2010 - 02:08 PM

we already played. I think there are some other teams deserving. Pens, for example!

#2075071 Daniel Larsson's comments on Osgood&Howard

Posted by RusDRW on 10 December 2010 - 05:50 AM

Sometimes I feel for those players chosen by the Wings. Imagine, for example, Thomas Tatar. He is more or less NHL ready and he will be in the minors for at least one more year. What's about Mursak? Well, at least 25 organization in the NHL would play this guys in the major league. Don't forget that it is all about money not playing time. Spending excessive time in AHL means you're getting paid big bucks a bit later. I would hate this situation if I was Tatar, for example. From this point of view, I understand Larsson frustration, especially, considering that he wasn't even given a chance to show what he can do at the NHL level.

#2067500 All Star Ballot Results Thus Far

Posted by RusDRW on 23 November 2010 - 03:12 PM

I hope nobody from the Wings will be selected. Resting for two more days is way more important physically and emotionally.

#2035139 Euro Twins versus Sedin Twins

Posted by RusDRW on 22 September 2010 - 12:54 AM

Euro Twins versus Sedin Twins

Game of 2-on-2 three bar. You have to hit each post and the crossbar. Just Datsyuk and Zetterberg versus Henrik and Daniel Sedin. Full ice surface. Who wins?

Posted Image
Posted Image

it is even.

#2032404 Line excitement

Posted by RusDRW on 10 September 2010 - 02:26 PM

I want big Bert to start using his size but I'm not sure if that will ever happen. Also, I'd like to see him use two hands on the stick more often. He tries to make pretty plays/goals but he should just be concerned about getting goals at all. I never understood why so many Wings fans hate him. I'm excited to see him and Mule and Flip play together. Mule and Bert could make some magical things happen if they play like they did in game 4 against San Jose.

I would like to add that we have a very skilled and very big line here. These two components can do wonders even without Bert using his size to punish people consistently.

#2031070 1996 World Cup of Hockey

Posted by RusDRW on 04 September 2010 - 07:07 PM

Watching it now, I almost forgot what a MONSTER Lindros was in his prime. The guy was out there every shift trying to punish people, and had tremendous skill on top of that. Truly scary player.

that's exactly why no one cried when people started to hit him in the head.


it does not matter how big you are.

#2020511 Scott Stevens: The Definitive Reel

Posted by RusDRW on 29 July 2010 - 05:37 PM

:rotflmao: So the Cooke hit on Savard wasn't head-hunting,eh? The Richards hit on Booth wasn't head-hunting? Like i said, it doesn't happen a lot, but head-hunting in the NHL will always exist. Only a few teams carry enforcers?? :hysterical:

*New York Rangers: Derek Boogaard, Brandon Prust
*New York Islanders: Zenon Konopka, Trevor Gillies
*Philadelphia Flyers: Jody Shelley (Some people wouldnt consider Carcillo and Walker as enforcers, but they cause hell as well,so look at it as you will)
*Pittsburgh Penguins-Mike Rupp, Eric Godard
New Jersey Devils-Pierre Luc Letourneau-Leblond
*Buffalo Sabres-Cody McCormick
*Ottawa Senators-Matt Carkner, Chris Neil
*Montreal Canadiens- Well since Laraque was bought out, i'm sure they'll pick someone else up before the start of the sesason.
*Boston Bruins- Shawn Thornton (Gregory Campbell will cause hell, but i wouldn't consider him an enforcer)
*Toronto Maple Leafs-Colton Orr,Mike Brown,Jay Rosehill looks like he'll get more playing time.
*Washington-Newly acquired D.J. King
*Carolina-Looks like Kostopoulos is gonna be doing most of their dirty work, minor leaguers could be brought up
*Florida-Mike Duco(Played mostly in the AHL last year)
*Tampa Bay-Mitch Fritz (Nate Thompson,Steve Downie,and Mathieu Roy will cause hell, but i wouldn't consider any of them enforcers)
*Atlanta Thrashers-Eric Boulton, Chris Thorburn, Ben Eager, Boris Valabik
*Nashville Predators-Wade Belak (Jordin Tootoo)
*St. Louis Blues-Cam Janssen, B.J. Crombeen, Brad Winchester
*Detroit Red Wings- Kenny tends to pick someone up right before the beginning of the season
*Columbus Blue Jackets-Jared Boll, Derek Dorsett
*Chicago Blackhawks-John Scott
*Vancouver Canucks-Rick Rypien, Tanner Glass, Darcy Hordichuk
*Edmonton Oilers-Zack Stortini, Steve MacIntyre, Jim Vandermeer (Colin Fraser, Jason Strudwick, and Theo Peckham will mix it up as well)
*Minnesota Wild-Brad Staubitz (Eric Nystrom isnt gonna shy away either)
*Colorado Avalanche-David Koci, Cody McLeod
*Calgary Flames-Tim Jackman, Raitis Ivanans (Ryan Stone as well)
*Dallas Stars- Krys Barch, Adam Burish, Brian Sutherby
*Phoenix Coyotes- Paul Bissonnette
*Los Angeles Kings-Richard Clune
*San Jose Sharks-Frazer McLaren (Jay Leach and Kent Huskins will mix it up as well)
*Anaheim Ducks-George Parros, Kyle Chipchura, Sheldon Brookbank, Aaron Voros

"Only a few teams" carry enforcers..That's a great one :rolleyes:

Wow!!! Could you give all your thanks to Gary expanding the league to what it now is. I'm not even arguing about Chipchuras, Huskins' and GaryNasty or NastyGary... Those do not belong to the NHL. My fault. Never imagined so many trash is carried out.