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Michigan boys hitting the market 2014-15 season.

07 April 2014 - 10:20 AM

Here's a list of the current local boys that are UFA's or RFA's this coming off season.


Torey Krug  D & Corey Potter D Boston.


Chad Billins D Calgary.


Drayson Bowman F & Nathan Gerbe F Carolina.


Corey Tropp F Columbus.


Tim Thomas G Dallas.


Danny DeKeyser D & David Legwand F Detroit.


Jeff Petry D Edmonton.


Matt Greene D LA.


Adam Hall F Philadelphia.


Chris Summers D &  David Moss F Phoenix.


Chris Conner F Pittsburgh.


Ryan Miller G St Louis.


Ive only included players that are currently on the NHL rosters, there are others that have been up in the NHL but are more often on the AHL affiliate teams roster. 

There are a few interesting names on the list and some I think the Wings brass may look at in the off season.

DeKeyser re-signing is a must and i wouldnt be surprised to see Legwand offered a new deal. But are there

any on the list you'd like the Wings to pick up?

Mine would be Miller and Greene.

The forgotten lines

07 April 2014 - 09:51 AM

with the young guns doing so well and keeping various vets off the roster, are we likely set as we are? Or does 

anyone think that apart from Z, we will see any of the guys below seeing ice during the playoffs?



Tootoo  Zetterberg Samuelsson


Cleary  Emmerton  Bertuzzi


Andersson  Weiss.



with Grand Rapids doing so well i doubt either Almqvist or Quellet get a look in unless the Griffs bomb and they 

become Black aces ( providing the Wings get in ).

 Ive seen that Weiss is done for the year and Z could be back for the playoffs, but apart from him i could maybe see  Babs boy Cleary could getting in on the Vet card!! Or will the top brass go vet mad come playoff time?


The vet status theory is something to bare in mind. The 8 forwards above have over 5000 reg season games under

their belts, and that is alot of mileage.



Red Wings race to the playoffs

05 April 2014 - 12:07 PM

If i am correct, i do believe that if the Wings win in Hab land tonight and the Caps, Leafs and Devils all lose  in


regulation have booked a place in the post season.? Only one im iffy on is the Devils, is it head to head on tied


points first or is it ROW? Maybe NJ can still match us on points but not sure with the factors that solve tied issue's.

Showcasing for Trade?

24 March 2014 - 01:54 PM

I know alot of the call ups this year has been down mainly to the excessive injuries we have sustained but maybe there is a little showcasing going on here. We dont know what Kenny offered in any potential deals but he knows what the other GM's were after and maybe he's showing a little bit more of what we have on offer. That top D guy is a must for us next year and maybe a couple of pieces needed to pull off a deal in the summer are being aired at this moment in time. That D guy we need isnt in the coming UFA's so it'll need to be done via a trade. Maybe some potential trade partner whats to see the goods before he parts with his asset's ?

Scoring title winner's

21 March 2014 - 02:16 PM

With Mantha winning the QMJHL scoring title this year, who was the last Wings prospect to do the same in the Q or the OHL and WHL, thats if there has been one. I think Keith Primeau did it in the OHL back in 89-90 but im not sure if anyone else has.