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In Topic: 2016 World Cup of Hockey thread

Today, 01:14 PM

How is this not the best players in the world

I was referring to World Championships, not World Cup.

In Topic: 2016 World Cup of Hockey thread

Today, 12:26 PM

Canada has become too boring at this level.  Like watching Cena circa 2014.  They're just burying everyone else.  Funny how they always play the Canada Cup at home too.  Like that's not a big advantage.   :rolleyes:


The World Junior Championships are the only interesting international tournament right now.  A different team seems to win it every year.  

I agree somewhat.  Normally, the World Juniors is far higher on my list than any other international tournament.  I have zero interest in the World Championships, literally zero, if the best players aren't playing, doesn't matter to me.  I think the Olympics have trumped the World Juniors though....but World Juniors is always a great holiday tradition for me.


Seems like a different team wins every year lately, although, with most guys only having the opportunity in a 2 year window, the teams change so much, there are some waves in results.  It wasn't that long ago, 2005-2009 that Canada won 5 in a row.  Only once in the last 4 years have they finished with a medal (silver), before that, they had a stretch of 14 years in a row with a medal.

In Topic: Official 2016 Detroit Red Wings Offseason Thread

Today, 09:01 AM

When's the last time an offer sheet actually worked

Dustin Penner, almost 10 years ago.  The only other one in the last 20 years was Gratton.

In Topic: 2016 World Cup of Hockey thread

Today, 08:15 AM

It's funny, on sports radio one the way home last night they were talking about the busy sports scene in Toronto last night...World Cup of Hockey finals getting started and Blue Jays playing game 1 of their most important series of the year.  However, I'm thinking about tomorrow, it's entirely possible that Team Canada will win the World Cup of Hockey and the Blue Jays will clinch a playoff spot, with both games in Toronto and finishing around the same time.  I'm not going to go to either game and plan to be as far away from downtown as possible, the streets would be a nightmare to navigate.

In Topic: 2016 World Cup of Hockey thread

Today, 07:58 AM

Apparently, Pittsburgh needs to trade for Bergeron and Marchand, or Boston needs to trade for Crosby.