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Interesting Fan Vote Posed by NHL on NBC Twitter

15 July 2014 - 09:21 AM



#NHL fans... Who is the all-time greatest player from the @EdmontonOilers franchise??



Ummm.....Petr Klima?

Jennings Trophy

14 April 2014 - 09:19 AM

This has to be the dumbest award.  The award goes to the goalie, playing in at least 25 games, on the team that has given up the fewest goals (so, sometimes it is shared).


So, it's really a team award, but they give it to an individual.  I don't like a lot of goalie stats because I find most of them to be team oriented, however, if you want to give out an individual award for fewest goals against, why don't you give it to the goalie with the lowest GAA?


Harding and Elliott had significantly lower GAA stats than Quick.  They both played more than 25 games, but not much.  If you want to draw the line in the sand on it at 40 games, that's fine, Schneider had a GAA of 1.97 and Rask had 2.04, both lower than Quick.


What the award shows here is that Quick ended up having the worst GAA on his team.

The Edmonton Oilers Mystery

31 March 2014 - 09:38 AM

Okay, so this isn't as interesting as the title may suggest, but I'm just wondering what is wrong with that organization?  As a very young kids in the early to mid-80s, they were my favourite team.  From Eastern Canada, there was no local team, tons of Leafs, Canadiens and Bruins fans, but as a young boy, just getting into hockey, they were the best.


Anyway, they have fallen far from grace over the past 20 years.  That much isn't that surprising, what is surprising is the lack of getting any better after drafting all the 1st overall players they have in the past little while.  Chicago and Pittsburgh got a lot of high end picks and you see where they have been able to go (both winning cups).  Winning a Cup isn't what I'm looking at though, Pittsburgh and Chicago have had good teams every single year (maybe except for 1 for Chicago).  What's the deal Edmonton?  You can't expect a turnaround in 1 year after drafting well, but their top draft picks have been in the league for a while now.


So what is it?


  - What Chicago and Pittsburgh have done isn't as easy as simply sucking for a while? or


  - Something is just not right with Edmonton


My guess is a combination of the two.  One common missconception though is that the Oilers are simply a high skilled offensive team....but they are actually one of the worst offensive teams in the league.  Only NJ and BUF have scored fewer goals.

Ovechkin and ES

31 March 2014 - 09:27 AM

Saw this at HFBoards (not sure why I was there...google search must have taken me there).


Ovechkin went the entire month of March without scoring a single even strength point.  Apparently, he only has 7 ES assists all season.  I checked the March stats, no even strength points....haven't checked the 7 assist stat though, so I'll just have to take the poster's word for it.  So, this gave me a few thoughts:


  1 - Wow


  2 - Don't let the Caps get on the PP 


  3 - These stats probably help explain why the Caps might miss the playoffs.

Where has NHL scoring gone?

12 March 2014 - 01:30 PM

So, I was just looking at the current scoring leaders and, projecting everyone to the end of the year based on current ppg pace, Crosby wins the scoring title by 20pts.  That part isn't that surprising has he has been producing a much higher ppg than everyone else for the last several years, the surprising part is how many points #2 will have.  Crosby is projected to get 111 points and Getzlaf is projected at 91 points.  Everyone else is sub 90pts.


What if Crosby was hurt again this year?  Getzlaf is gauranteed to break 90....could we have seen the first sub 90 point Art Ross winner since the original 6 era when they played 70 games or less?


I had a look at the scoring leaders from 1968-69 (year in which number of games increased to 78) to present.  In those 44 years (not including this year), there have only be 5 times in which the leading scoring has had sub 100 points....2 of those years were lockout years, so they would be greater than 100 in a regular year.  So, out of 44 years, only 3 sub 100 (96pts in 2000, 96pts in 2002 and 94pts in 2004).  Those are the years that the NHL was looking hard at figuring out how to fix the lack of scoring.  Now, fast forward to the current year....without Crosby, there could potentially be someone winning the scoring title with less than 90pts.


I haven't heard much about lack of scoring lately, but is it a concern?  Does anybody care?  Personally, I like scoring, but I don't mind a 2-1 game either...just depends on how you get to the 2-1 final score.  If there are lots of scoring chances and great goaltending, that's fine, but if it is because of smothering defense....I'm not a fan.