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  2. Karlsson on the move?

    Jesus you're defensive. Yeah that's my point, it didn't make any sense at all to mention Lidstrom lol glad we can finally acknowledge that. Which is why I was confused as to what your original point on Potvin and the other players was....
  3. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    No, the Hawks are going to fall. Seabrook bad contract, Keith is done, Toews and Kane both have bad contracts, Crawford sucks, Saad sucks, they traded away Panarin lol. They won't be relevant for awhile, they don't scare teams anymore.
  4. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    You’re too easy bruh So does NFL, MLB, NBA. What’s your point?
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  6. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    The NHL also has a nepotism problem, on top of that.
  7. I’d take Toews if they retained half his cap hit but I don’t want to imagine how high that asking price would be
  8. Is the right hockey move to trade Jonathan Toews?

    I hope they win. The league isn't as fun when the Hawks are bad. They're nowhere near the suckage of the Red Wings for years to come. Hawks are a 2 year re-tool away from being back in the mix. Red Wings, about 5 years after Holland leaves.
  9. If Draper is the next GM, I don't think I mind it

    Best GM in the league is most certainly not Ainge, but Bob Myers. the Warriors are ones with the dynasty, not Boston. Although Ainge hires analytical guys around him anyway. How's Michael Jordan doing as GM? Doc Rivers? Vlade? Not so well. Jesus, dude. That was so corny. I bet you're still seething over that comment. Haha
  10. Rumors Thread

    The "JT sweeps" will be trying to luck out and sign him. They're in the playoff hunt and won't be trading their best player. And if they don't re-sign him, trading his negotiating rights this off season likely won't matter because at that point, why wouldn't he just wait until free agency? Unless there's somewhere else he really wants to go. But, I would say he probably re-signs in NY eventually. But yeah, if we luck out and get him (GOD I WISH), there will definitely have to be some cap management to make it work.
  11. Mrazek traded to Philly for Conditional 3rd and 4th Picks

    Here is a nice read.
  12. Rumors Thread

    Well, there one UFA down:
  13. Arena Parking

    What is the upper bowl? Lower bowl seats have a lot more space than Joe Louis did. Agreed about people in the concourse but I still think a lot less people at the games compared to previous years. It will change when Wings get good again. Also the arena attracts a lot of white collar folks who use it as a place to meet their friends and coworkers and buy cocktails and have viewing parties and all that jazz.
  14. Petr Mrazek to the conference finals. God, Jesus, Yahweh, Allah, Buddah, Shiva/Vishnu, , Ahura Mazda, Confucius, Harambe, Trump and any other diety I may have missed, please make it happen.
  15. Rumors Thread

    If we want to be players in the JT sweeps, or luck out and sign him, they will be just a cap dump, with very little return. But I think we'd survive.
  16. Rumors Thread

    Right. I’m ok with trading them but it has to be in a deal that makes sense. Not just a cap dump.
  17. Rumors Thread

    Yea I don't see the need or want to trade glendenning unless you're getting a 2nd. His salary doesn't bother me like helm abs and neilson
  18. Karlsson on the move?

    No, the hitting thing isn’t a big deal, and bulking up may affect his skating, but with a smaller frame against the bigger guys, whoever drafts him should get him to move away from that part of his game somewhat. No need to go for hits if you don’t need to. If he’s a Lidstrom/Karlsson hybrid, he should be smart enough on the ice to be able to avoid them too. Lidstrom rarely got hit.
  19. Rumors Thread

    We have ZERO need to move Glenny. His cap does not and will not hurt us in the future, he is our best faceoff man, kills a lot of penalties and is relied upon to shutdown top players on some nights. To me, a 3rd, 4th or 5th is not worth trading him. I am not so sure Turgeon is ready to step in and replace Luke as of yet. Besides a 3rd round pick from a top 5 team, which is where Toronto sits ATM, is basically a 4th rounder and the 5th they offered, yep a high 6th! Insult! I feel the ONLY reason we accept anything less than a 2nd is if we were actively trying to get rid of him for cap reasons or personal reason (Mrazek) which we are not, so if Toronto feels they need what Luke brings, and we all know how much Babcock loves him, then they better ante up or he's not for sale. Like mentioned, his cap is not hurting us now, nor will it be hurting us throughout his contract. With the $12.8M plus Franzen LTIR (TTL $16.7M) we'll have plenty of money for ALL our RFA's plus enough to offer Green a lower returning salary (if he wants to.) IF we sign JT and find ourselves behind the Cap 8-Ball, then we will have to shed salary in the form of Nyquist/Tatar/Abby/Helm for example and we will be dealing from a point of weakness with the returns not even getting us a 3rd, at least not without conditions.
  20. Yes it is, but it is what it is. I hate the trade because he was still the best NHL ready goalie in the Wings system, despite the haters, but I like the fact he gets a fresh start somewhere he’s actually wanted where they’re glad to have him come in. Gets to play behind a team that can actually defend and block shots and help out their goalies. Plus playoffs are cool. Looking forward to seeing his new painted mask and gear.
  21. Karlsson on the move?

    I guess his point was if he we are to believe all the hype (I'm not saying its unwarranted) that he is ready to take over all the NHL records for D-men (much like KRS was saying about Hyped up more than Potvin BEFORE the draft) then why on Earth is he not playing 20-30 minutes in every game? re: open ice hitter, if Dahlin IS all the hype, and will be Lidstrom/Karlsson hybrid machine, I really could care less if he open ice hits on my team. I'll find a defense partner to do that stuff for him! If he bulks up too much in order to withstand the open ice hits with 225lb beasts, he may lose some of the skating ability. I still take him #1, as I believe all 31 teams would as well, but Woodsy does bring up an interesting question. And maybe it is just a egotistical coach who didn't want the Gold medal in the hands of 17 year old...shame on him!
  22. Rumors Thread

    I hate the idea of trading Tatar. Nyquist I’m 50/50. They should be way down the list of contracts to purge. But they have to trade good young players if they want to cut cap. The ones that need to go can’t be moved, unless Holland holds onto some salary and sends a sweetener prospect/pick. And even then.. They shouldn’t worry about Gus and Tats right now. No real need to. Hang onto them, and wait a couple other crap deals with only a bit left out to expiration, like Kronwall, Howard, and Errorsson.
  23. At least we can see Red Wings pads in PO. This is strange, ok..
  24. Karlsson on the move?

    Dahlin apparantly defends like Lidstrom, skates like Karlsson. Great open ice hitter. But he’s only 185 lbs. better start packing on some muscle now if he wants to hit with the big boys.
  25. Karlsson on the move?

    This is more coach not trusting a 17 year old than him not being ready. Sweden might still be in the tournament had Dahlin been playing the minutes he should have.
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