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  2. Rumors Thread

    No thanks Green is worth more then Janmark easily.
  3. Rumors Thread

    Off mlive this morning doors about to open to the Red Wings not making playoffs sale....
  4. New @STW_SRD, our #RedWings podcast as the guys get together to discuss the call-up of Joe Hicketts, the current pl…

  5. Rumors Thread

    Steve Smith?
  6. Rumors Thread

    Green and a 1st for Smith.
  7. Wings Recall Hicketts

    Daley is going to miss the next 3 games, at minimum, supposedly. I for one am happy to see someone like Hicketts, who has played his arse off, get a chance up.
  8. 1/20 GDT - Hurricanes @ Red Wings - 7:00 PM EST

    Well, it looks like, at best, they'll be the 8th worst team in the league at season's end. I don't see them dropping below Buffalo or Arizona. So 3rd worst is the bottom they can hit at season's end. Definitely a shot at top 3 pick, but again... lottery.
  9. no way. these suckers suck even at sucking. they'll lose lottery even if they managed to drop all the way to very bottom
  10. Wings Recall Hicketts

  11. Rumors Thread

    No, Holland trades Janmark and a 2018 1st round pick for Smith and Quincey.
  12. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    Former undrafted free agents: Ville Leino: retired Fabian Brunnstrom: retired Damien Brunner: playing in the Swiss League for pennies compared to what he would've gotten if he has resigned with the Wings (interestingly enough there was no agent listed on his profile page I was looking at) Former TDL pickups: Erik Cole: retired David Legwand: retired
  13. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    He's on pace for a career year with 24 pts. so far (10g, 14a) The deal he signed last year (2mill X6 years) is going to be great for Nashville. Calle should fire his agent - should've taken a short bridge deal and he would have made a whole lot more. He's just ahead of Nyquist and Tatar for production right now, but locked in at that 2 mill cap hit for another 4 years. That's definitely a trade that doesn't look good in retrospect (or even just spect - yes that should be a word). Would be another supporting cast member and a young center at that. Like Sheahan, didn't have a place with our other options at 3rd line center, but if we had not signed Nielsen or Helm could have been a better option for the future.
  14. I found all my old game balls from high school and college and am missing making great plays at shortstop and 2nd b…

  15. Babcock Resurfaces

    If the NHL counted championships the way the NFL does and started a "Super Cup" after they expanded to 12 teams, the Leafs would be without a Super Cup. They're basically like the Lions with superior attitudes
  16. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    How's Jarnkrok doing?
  17. RT @th3j35t3r: Trump asked South Korean president to publicly give him credit for pushing North, South Korea to talk: report…

  18. Babcock Resurfaces

    Too bad, I was banking on a Tucker jersey....
  19. Wings Recall Hicketts

    Ya but if nobody goes on IR we still need to dump someone...right? Doesn't day to day still count as a roster spot?
  20. Babcock Resurfaces

    No namer. Just a plain one. The guy is a tool. Both his goals were tap ins created by this guy on our team that's aweaome. He wears a bergeron jersey and plays exactly like that guy. Probably had an assist on 60 of my goals. You wish you were on the BLugly Mother Effers.
  21. Babcock Resurfaces

    This is actually amazing......But whos jersey was he wearing?!
  22. Castaway (How former Wings are doing)

    I always like tracking how players do elsewhere after they're shipped away. Was inspired by someone's comment about Quincey in another thread. I hadn't checked up on him in a while until I was reminded by that post. Apparently he was waived back in November. Thought he was better than that when he left here. Must have taken a turn for the worse. Looks like he hasn't played in the AHL so I wonder if he's working out a deal overseas? Or i injured? Or calling it a career at 32? And that makes all of Jurco, Q, Tootoo waived this year. Also WILSON!!!! (the Inspiration for the title) has 2 pts in his 14 games with Buffalo for a grand total of 2 pts for the whole year with the 3 teams. And....Sheahan has 14 pts with Pens - 1 less than our $5.25 million Nielson and more than Helm. Seems to be back at the production of previous years in the new environment. Good for him, but still think it was good to trade him since we had no spot for him at center. He has a great FO% with 56.84 so maybe they put him back at center and that must be where he's comfortable. It always seemed to me that he fell off when we switched him to wing.
  23. Babcock Resurfaces

    I was there too I scored 73 goals all while wearing my samuelsson jersey.... I did the Macarena after every goal Although ever since I made my millions I only play racketball, tennis, and golf now.
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  25. Rumors Thread

    fixed that for ya
  26. @Oldfirmfacts1 "Nurses have to deal with this type of thing every day but THIS OVERPAID sportsman still makes more…

  27. Cholowski playing really well

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