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  2. Athanasiou Rumor

    My earlier response was done quickly from the game. Now that I am paying more attention to what you actually wrote I will address each part as its much more pissy then I realized. "Oh," the apologists will say, " most of those players were drafted higher or have played another year in the NHL." Doesn't matter. If anything, the fact that he put up those numbers at a younger age than they did suggest he cold be better. As far as the draft part goes, who made this argument? I don't give a crap where someone was drafted, its about their production. As far as how many years a player has played, that does matter as its simple statistics and you don't need a PhD to understand this. The smaller the sample size, the less likely you are at getting an accurate picture of what a player can do. If AA put up those numbers 2 years in a row, you're damn right it matters, just because it doesnt matter to you means nothing. The other argument is "well, what will they have to pay Mantha and Larkin if AA gets $2.5?" The answer is market value, and it wouldn't be an issue if not for all of the bad contracts, which is why I got so pissed that every UFA signed by Holland lately got " just $500k or so too much." Kissazz and the rest of the Holland slappy crew said it wasn't a big deal when anyone who understood basic math could figure out that $500k too much for each of 6 or 7 players adds up to a lot of money. Again, why are you so pissy? You're trying to create this false narrative that everyone is pro Holland and you are attempting to twist any logical point people make into a "You're just a Holland slappy" narrative in a failed attempt to dismiss their point. I have said it before, and I will say it again, I don't necessarily disagree with a lot of the points you try to make, I don't think you are a dumb poster, what I argue is your over the top nature and the extreme's you go to when making the points. Secondly, it's not the 500K extra a few players on this team are being paid that is hurting this team, check other payrolls, that is just the NHL and a product of unrestricted free agency. What is hurting this team is the amount of contracts given out to mid range players. Take away say Helm, Glendening, and E's contracts, and we are not in anymore cap trouble. Nielsen was an absolute stupid signing, even though in a vacuum it' isn't "horrible." They got an aging guy who has never been more than a 2nd line center and who is declining into solidly 3C ability to help make up for losing one of the best Wings players in the last 40 years, and he helped lead them to their worst season in decades. Glad we had him so they could finish next to last in the conference instead of last, that would have been REALLY embarrassing! If we're REALLY lucky, maybe the team will a;; miraculously rebound and they'll get the 8th seed this year and get swept, losing any shot of a top 3 pick in the draft. I have said many many many times on here that I didn't like the Nielsen signing, not sure why you are using this in a point towards me. The only thing I ever said about him to you, was when you were ranting about how he was not a 2C, I showed stats proving he was a low end 2C, high end 3C. This does not mean I liked the signing, or that I disagreed with the main aspect of your point. Don't sign Nielsen to that deal, everyone has plenty of room to sign. Don't give GLendening double what he's worth, AA can sign. Don't pay grinders approaching their 30th birthday too much, AA can sign and they won't have to be concerned about Mantha and Larkin's next deals. I don't disagree with most of this, and I dont think others do either. Not sure why you insist on ranting about this in every other post. The only thing I would counter here, is that I believe Holland is playing hardball with AA because precedents set in RFA negotiations are different then one's set in UFA negotiations. Does that mean that by thinking this I like all the UFA signings? No.
  3. Athanasiou Rumor

    Straw man. I've never said Holland was an idiot, nor anything like it. I said he was lowballing AA to bail himself out of the cap trouble that he put himself in, but that's about it. If you want to respond to the people who call Holland an idiot, do so. But you responded to me, and are now insinuating that I'm in that same camp because I think Holland should sign the kid to a contract that you seem alright with. Your criticism of the "Holland sucks" crowd is appropriate, but it's got nothing to do with me. My only argument has been that maybe in a team as bad offensively as ours is, our GM should probably think about offering one of his better goal scorers more than he's paying Luke Glendening. And if you don't think this has anything to do with the cap, I'd point to the relative ease with which Holland signed any number of unproven or unproductive players when he had the money to do so. I notice he never held Glendening, or Helm, or Abby, or Sheahan, or Ericsson over the coals for a couple hundred thousand dollars, but suddenly he draws a hard line on AA. Hmmm...I wonder what changed?
  4. Athanasiou Rumor

    Different arguments. I said I didn't think $3M would be a bad deal, and I don't. I like him and I think he would be worth it, especially if it was for a longer term. But I also said it was above market value, which it is, and which is what I'm arguing now. Maybe I am contrarian. I get annoyed by this whole dynamic. Something doesn't go exactly the way we want and it's 'so and so is an idiot', or 'that guy sucks', always attacking something, everything extreme. There aren't any villains here. Neither side is really wrong, and you'll notice I haven't once been critical of AA for holding out or asking for more. It's a negotiation. It would be great if every one went smoothly, and both sides got exactly what they wanted on day one, but that's not how the world works. Judging by the closest comparables we can find, what Holland is offering is a fair deal. AA and his agent are trying to make their case as to why he deserves more (and I would assume that case amounts to more than calling Holland an idiot for past decisions and saying "no one compares to AA"). That's what we should expect. Kind of sucks that it's taking this long, but that happens sometimes. If we can keep our difficult RFA negotiations down to once every 20 years, then we should all send Holland and all of the agents he's dealt with a fruit basket or something.
  5. Pre-Season Games

    THIS. I was at the game and was on the concourse during the 1st intermission. They fired up the "horn" right before the start of the 2nd and immediately I was like, thats a recording. Was in my seat when the Wings scored and was like WOW they're seriously playing the goal horn through the speakers. It sounded weak and really underwhelming. Whoever thought that was a good idea should be fired immediately. Put the real goddamn horn in.....
  6. Pre-Season Games

    As far as Frk goes, it looks like with Bertuzzi out he'll get a shot at a roster spot. With AA not signed he may well get powerplay time (given that AA was a feature of the PP that ended last season). That's his opportunity, and he will probably only get it this one time. If he shows up like he did tonight, I'd expect the Wings to send Bertuzzi down after he's healthy. If not, then Frk correctly goes back down to GR. Either way, I don't see anything wrong with giving him a shot right now.
  7. Athanasiou Rumor

    I'm not really sure why you're playing devil's advocate here. All the way back on page 11 you agreed with me when I said AA should make between 2.5-3 million per year. Now suddenly you think 1.9 is good value. Seems like you're just being contrary. If Holland had offered the money that both you (as of a week ago) and I think is "fair" AA would be signed right now.
  8. Athanasiou Rumor

    You're exaggerating a bit. His goals/60 was tied for 29th among forwards playing 30 or more games, trailing such "superstars" as Brett Connolly, Nazem Kadri, Michael Grabner, and Tyler Pitlick. While it is very good, you shouldn't ignore that it is a small sample size. Magnus Paajarvi scored at an almost identical rate and just signed for 1yr/$800K, because he isn't actually good despite his great stats in a small sample. Vanek, who was a UFA, better in every way while with the Wings, and has a history of very good scoring just got $2M for 1 year. I would also argue with your second point. We have 7 other forwards who could potentially score 20+ goals (or 6 if we don't think Zetterberg can do it anymore). Another handful that could score in the teens. I don't believe our scoring issues have been the result of individual ability, nor that AA is as vital as you suggest. I think Svech could probably step into AAs role and give reasonably close results. Parenteau scored 20 just two years ago. You've said previously that you believe Frk could be a decent depth scorer. The most we should reasonably expect from AA over whatever replacement is maybe 5-10 goals. He's not a make-or-break player. And I don't think anyone has any issue with trading Sheahan. I think Holland just doesn't want to trade him and then see AA sign in Russia anyway. Probably not in love with the idea of trading low on him either. But it should be noted that we do not have to trade Sheahan (or anyone else) before we sign AA. We can go over the cap by another ~$4.5 million for now, so we have plenty of room. We would just have get compliant by the start of the season. In the end, everyone is making this out to be a way bigger deal than it really is. There's usually a few RFA holdouts every year, and most are likely due to things we fans would think are small issues. A little money, or an extra year. Why don't they just give it to him, or why doesn't he just take the deal. It'll eventually get worked out, and everyone will forget about it.
  9. My fitbit #Fitstats_en_US for 9/23/2017: 4,696 steps and 2 miles traveled.

  10. Pre-Season Games

    Indeed, there's always a chance long as we're top 10 worst team
  11. Pre-Season Games

    Historically, I'm not a Frk booster. I've said before that he's probably a career AHLer, and my opinion on that hasn't really changed. I do think he'd make the season more enjoyable for me as a fan, and at this point that's all I really care about. Entertainment, some youthful energy, some new looks. I'd like lots and lots of wins, but that's probably not happening, regardless of what happens with Frk. As for the power play and its struggles over the past couple of's a lot of things. It's struggling to consistently gain the zone with possession and set up. It's struggling to execute a clean, crisp, purposeful cycle. It's players with good shots being trigger-shy. It's the point men struggling to hold the blue line. It's being too predictable. It's not winning enough battles. It's taking Nyquist out of a role in which he scored 14 power play goals in 2014-15. It's leaning too much on Kronwall and, arguably, leaning too much on Zetterberg. I'm not saying Frk would hugely improve the power play. It's possible he wouldn't improve it in any significant way. And he'd probably be a liability at even strength. But a lack of right-shooting snipers has definitely been a thing in recent years and it continues to be a thing. Callahan was a grinder who never offered anything that we didn't already have in the lineup. Frk would, at least, fill Vanek's role (right-shooting specialist who needs to be sheltered at even strength).
  12. Pre-Season Games

    Frk's going to be our new Callahan. No one going to give up on him until he's gone. Our problems on the PP, when we have had them, have been in establishing offensive-zone possession and efficient puck movement; not our shooters.
  13. Pre-Season Games

    If this does in fact happen - maybe we can get lucky like Philly, and jump several plus spots in the 2018 draft?
  14. Michael Rasmussen

    I think everyone would be thrilled if he puts up anything close to those type of numbers. Unfortunately, I think that's a tad unrealistic. I see him putting up 35-40 goals, 70-80 points.
  15. Pre-Season Games

    This so much.
  16. Pre-Season Games

    That shot tho. The thing I like about having Frk on the power play is that he's a serious "shot threat." PKers would, in theory, have to respect that option, which would, in theory, allow us to more effectively push-and-pull the PK box and wrench it out of shape. It would give us a strategic anchoring point for our cycle. We've lacked an honest-to-goodness weapon on the half-wall who can blast the puck and can also really skate and is also more than willing to bump and grind and scratch and claw and battle it out along the wall and in the corners. If you put him and Nyquist on the same unit and have Nyquist play the high slot role, great things might happen.
  17. Pre-Season Games

    I know right? Opponents fear the LCA!
  18. Pre-Season Games

  19. Pre-Season Games

    I'm thinking the season's gonna be a win-win for me as a fan. I'll be happy when we win games and I'll be "happy" when we lose games. Just as long as we don't finish in No Man's Land. (We're gonna finish in No Man's Land. Book it.)
  20. Pre-Season Games

    Undefeated at Little Ceasars Arena
  21. Pre-Season Games

    You mean to me. But Dahlin bro..
  22. Pre-Season Games

    Final score is 5-1. Solid win. Encouraging.
  23. Pre-Season Games

    Glendening has been playing with a lot of piss and vinegar. I like it.
  24. Pre-Season Games

    F***ing Weapon!
  25. Pre-Season Games

    Frk! 5-on-3 PP goal. Says "the hell with this" and just rips it.
  26. Pre-Season Games

    FRK! Could use a great shot on the powerplay...
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