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  1. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    So you wouldn't be okay with making a Subban for spare parts type trade now, to fill a need? Terrible long term management
  2. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

  3. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Official 2020 Offseason Rebuild Thread

  4. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    What? Project rosters? Please reread. I'm asking if our current roster TODAY was going for the playoffs where would you like to add...?
  5. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Rumors Thread

    "The clown honks out in pain as he pies you"
  6. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    I'm confused. On the one hand you say you don't think we need another Mantha/goal-scorer. But then you say our biggest need IS a goal scorer like Mantha... which is it? Let me re-frame it this way: Say this is February 1st 2020. We're 1 or 2 in the division and are likely headed to the playoffs. What would you want to add at the deadline assuming everyone is having roughly the same season as last year statistically? Pretend Howard is having a 1.5 GAA, .95 SV% season or something.
  7. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Zadina Says It

    *Adds Fil, Nemeth, and Pickard* *Loses Vanek, Kronwall, Frk, Witkowski* Did we actually get worse this year? I'm ready for the suck train and muh high draft pick
  8. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Zadina Says It

    Certainly. I will too. I was just hoping for more of another Larkin with this pick.
  9. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    Exhibit A: I'm just trying to nail down what you think this teams needs are. I would say it's Dmen, as it has been since about 2012. But you seem to think our biggest need is adding "goal-scorers" on top of what we already have. I find this absolutely wild and worth discussing.
  10. ChristopherReevesLegs

    News From Around the NHL

    Bertuzzi and AA are just so completely different. Bertuzzi's 200ft game and compete level are off the charts. He does a lot of little things right (intangibles). But he doesn't have nearly the raw skill level that AA does. AA's intangible/compete/boardwork/defense or however you wanna frame it, is nowhere near Bertuzzi's. But AA can out of nowhere catch defenses with their pants down, and if you give him the opening he WILL score every time. He's speed and hands are probably the most exciting thing to watch on this team. So I can see why you'd slot either on the 1st line for different reasons. But because Larkin and AA have a lot in common, and Mantha is sort of a big wimp, I think it makes sense to put a gritty type player like Bertuzzi next to those two.
  11. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Official 2019 Offseason Rebuild Thread, Pt. 2 - What's the Yzerplan?

    I think Bobby Margarita said when he gets back from his summer vacation in September he still expects many RFA's to be unsigned. Was a tweet from yesterday I believe.
  12. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Zadina Says It

    I put myself in his AHL linemates shoes and it feels like somewhat of a slight. Of course the NHL has better players in it, but don't blame your own short-comings on your teammates... Anyway, this statement by Zadina lines up with what I've been saying about him all year. That is, I fear he's a passenger style player who's going to be heavily reliant on his center/linemates to create the play. Much like Hudler. Put him on your 2nd/3rd line and he'll get you a modest 40 pts. But insert him on to Larkin and Bertuzzi's line and suddenly he's a 70 pt winger. Whereas a Larkin or AA style player seems to be able to create offense on their own no matter who you pair them with.
  13. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Rumors Thread

    I'd take Namestnikov for the right price. Yzerman drafted him and his uncle is Slava Kozlov. He can play 2C when Fil and Frans inevitably s*** the bed.
  14. ChristopherReevesLegs

    Lufty Signed - 3 Yr ELC

    So you do want to add another Mantha/goal-scorer? Why don't you just say what you mean instead of beating around the bush?