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10/3 Pre-season GDT: Pittsburgh Penguins at Red Wings

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I have paid a fortune for tickets, and flown 1500 miles to see them play worse than this. It wasn't preseason, either. It's beyond frustrating, it's tragic.

They will kick themselves in the butt after this, not to worry.

*sighs* That sucks. I traveled around...well, probably close to what you have when I drove to Detroit last year. They won both games, and for that I was very thankful. It would have really bummed me out if I had traveled all that way and they would have lost. I'm planning to go again this year; let's hope they win all 3 games that I'm planning to attend.

Oh I know they will. Just frustrating to watch at this point in time. Sorry that they played so bad when you traveled all that way.

Can we get Kindl to play with Salei? Ericsson is really making me mad; I've given the kid chances before but this is ridiculous.

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Guest Heaten

It's hard to point the finger at one player and condemn them as the "fault" or "weak link" when the entire team as a whole sucks tonight. They can't pass, they can't take a pass, they can't hold the puck in the offensive zone, they can't get the puck out of the defensive zone, way more players other than Ericsson has given the puck away.

This is a brutal game as a whole. Hard to blame two guys (Ericsson and Osgood). Pretty ridiculous to suggest they are the only crap guys in an all around bad game (from everyone from A-to-Z).

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