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No, No, NO! Jagr interested in Detroit.

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Alright, if Pittsburgh doesn't want him, go to Montreal!!

Not sure if montreal is still in the mix...SCARY

This is starting to get interesting. Shero said he wants an answer today. If he doesn't get one, does that mean Jagr is no longer welcome?

doubtful...he will stall take him..unless its between him and kennedy

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Nejlbíže can't be translated... anyone know what this means?

Nejlbíže to Detroit...

This is so funny how different our boards are taking this over Pitts boards...

They are flipping out, we are like meh.

Nejblíže means: Closer, or Nearer. Word is probably misspelled in the hurry to get the article out.

:thumbup: for Esteef with the translation.

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