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10/2 GDT : Sabres 1 at Red Wings 2

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Why is Emmerton on the team? Wasn't he sent to Waivers? I'm a noob to the biz. part of hockey.

Also, is Miller (or Emmerton for that matter) really better than Gus?

he cleared waivers and is basically only around b/c he's a center and Helm is still out

Gus is only down b/c he's exempt from waivers(until he plays 2 more games with the big club, then he is exposed to waivers if sent back down)

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Take him, but assure everyone that he is just your manservant. Then treat him thusly.

On second thought, don't you have something to loan him? It seems to me that you have a few items in your closet.

I have Wings gear, too warm for it! I am 6'4 and corn fed, her stuff wouod not fit.

By the way, Buffalo clogging up the middle and playing dirty

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