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Alumni Game Lineup / Leafs @ Wings Alumni NBCS and CBC 1pm

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Comerica looks awful empty. Hopefully it'll be full by the time the second game begins. No surprise that Scotty got the loudest reaction.

This will be fun.

Yup I hope second game is rammed I would have bet everything that Stevie return could fill big house let alone comerica!

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Games are also on Fox Sports Detroit. And it's 3-2 Wings after one. Some guys playing I didn't know were coming like Verbeek, Lapointe, Schneider. Garry Unger looks older, of course, but still the same. That second game looks like the Wings are going for the Cup again with that roster.

I can't watch the game at work :)
Does anyone know if it's possible to watch these later? Online somewhere?

Fox Sports Detroit will re-run them tonight at 8.

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