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Alumni Game Lineup / Leafs @ Wings Alumni NBCS and CBC 1pm

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The Leafs must be a little pissed with the team the Wings have on the ice. Sure seems a little lopsided. I'm lovin' it, but I can see how Leafs and their fans might not be so thrilled.

Look what you did! You jinxed it!! :lol:

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Funny how most of the players are around the same age, except for Redmond.

Redmonds got some vision man.

And That pass to Sergei, tape to tape threadin that needle.

Almost 70 and the hockey sense is still sharp as a tack.

And in the 1st mickey said the feed was breakin up, but i thought he had caught a slash and was pissed off, trying to stop from slippin..


Always classy.

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