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1/11 GDT: Red Wings 3 @ Kings 1

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refs are pretty bad. the call on andy was weak. the goal shouldnt have happened and at the end of the period a trip from doughty.

the wings are a good team.....when they feel like playing. which is usually only 10 mins a game

and babs i dont know what your thinking, tatar found his offensive game and you play him 10 mins a game. he is the 3rd if not 2nd best offense men on this team right now.

one more thing f*** YOU INJURIES

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That was the best period Nyquist has played in a while. He hasn't been bad, but he's looked a little low on energy compared to how he usually is. When he's got the intensity that he has in this game he creates so much trouble for other teams.

Also Tatar is playing fantastic hockey. He's creating something out of nothing all the time.

We're going to need these guys to be at their best because we don't have a lot of skill in the lineup. I would also just love it if the defense could step up offensively. Feels like ages since Kronwall was involved in the offense other than on the PP.

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I haven't seen a player quite as dumb as Quincey in quite some time. The guy is beyond stupid between his penalties and his reading of plays.

Tatar is relentless. Definitely been the Wings best player in the new year.

Glad to see Sheahan get his first. I have been impressed with him in the games he has been up. Really want him to stick around this season as the fourth line center.

But Sheahan's already the 2nd line centre :lol:

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