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1/11 GDT: Red Wings 3 @ Kings 1

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I hope more people start seeing reason when it comes to Bert. Cleary, Sammy and Quincey get all the crap but Bert is just as bad. He can be an average offensive zone player when he has Z and Dats on his line, but in any other scenario he's 100% useless.

Completely agree. Bertuzzi is decent creating space and getting out of the way of the Euro-Twins, but otherwise he contributes nothing. I know Babs loves "big bodies" and a net-front presence, but I can't recall hardly any instances this season where Bert being in front of the net has resulted in him deflecting the puck. Just seems given the linemates he typically has and the PP time, he should be producing more on the score sheet.

The penalties bother me more than anything. I've never seen a player take so many hooking calls 200 feet from his own net.

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Guest Crymson

Cleary is #3 in ice time amongst Red Wings forwards. Zero shots, zero hits, zero blocks. !@#$ you, Babcock.

Edit: Well, whatever.

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